The Washington Post Sunday - May 2 2021

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Clues Answers
'Errare humanum ___' EST
'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' actor Ruck ALAN
'Girl Talk' trio TLC
'Last Man Standing' subject Mort SAHL
'MasterChef' network FOX
'Oh no!' in 'Cathy' ACK
'Pitch Perfect' actress ___ Mae Lee HANA
'Scary how much I relate to that' TOOREAL
'Star Trek' group CREW
'Stuck' musician Orrico STACIE
'Swang' duo ___ Sremmurd RAE
'The outside is inside everything we make' retailer LLBEAN
'There's no danger' ITSSAFE
'Twin Peaks' actress ___ Flynn Boyle LARA
'Well, damn' ILLBE
'___ Brick in the Wall' (three-part Pink Floyd tune) ANOTHER
'___ Contemplations' (Victor Hugo work) LES
'___ Violent Delights' (Chloe Gong book) THESE
'___ ___ oxen free!' OLLY
*Anatomical pouches GAL
*Coastal California city with a marine mammal in its name SEA
*Good news for an aspiring actor CAL
*Iron Maiden, e.g., aptly enough META
*List of charges from an Econo Lodge, say MOTE
*One's heaviest bench press, e.g PERSONA
*Prison subdivision CEL
A:B, e.g RATIO
Adds to a number, in a way? SINGS
Adverb used in pricing EACH
Architectural extension ELL
Arrival announcement HEREWEARE
Audiovisual ___ AIDS
Battler of the 1770s MINUTEMAN
Bone above the false kind TRUERIB
Book of Hebrews chest ARK
Burkina Faso neighbor MALI
C of the ABC islands CURACAO
Carbon steel vessel, often WOK
Cast with force FLING
Cause to explode POP
Check phrase PAYTO
Chrysler engine HEMI
Clamor ADO
Cliffside quarters AERIE
Comedian who said, 'I started a weightlifting program. But the first day, I threw my back out. So I put down the booklet.' EMOPHILIPS
Constellation by Pisces ARIES
Conveys SENDS
Cool drink brand ICEE
Creature in an army FROG
Cry to someone who isn't well hidden ICANSEEYOU
Decide, with 'for' OPT
Defeats decisively SHELLACS
Diane once on NPR REHM
Discount word LESS
Display of disrespect SCORN
Dough in une patisserie? EUROS
Emulated a rat TOLD
Finalized agreement DONEDEAL
Flask room LAB
Flora under the surface KELP
Francesinha meat HAM
Game played by millions for millions LOTTO
Gave (out) DOLED
Generate 32 Across THINK
Has-___ BEENS
Having long limbs LEGGY
Herd heard in a forest ELK
Hero battling Thanos THOR
Houston setting: Abbr CST
Insubstantial THIN
Intelligentsia output IDEAS
Interpretive dance HULA
It means nothing NIL
Jacked like a weightlifter RIPPED
Jimenez on CNN OMAR
Job deet SPEC
Key partner LOCK
Kite, e.g SHAPE
Clues Answers
Laborious tasks SLOGS
Lefty who had a .398 batting average in 1929 ODOUL
Light beam refractor LENS
Like parkour practitioners AGILE
Like penalized tax filings LATE
Like stretchy material TENSILE
Lump of goo GOB
Maker of Clic brushes ORALB
Man's name that becomes a woman's name by adding Y to the end EMIL
Meet-___ (rom-com trope) CUTE
Middle-earth beasts ORCS
Minor in Scottish history? LAD
Mo. metropolis STL
Munroe who created the webcomic 'xkcd' RANDALL
Necklace attachments PENDANTS
No. 13 for the Yankees AROD
North African port city ORAN
Not ready for work ILL
Not that exciting DRAB
Occasional component of the 'Greek Church' split, in bowling NINEPIN
On-off link AND
One of MLB's O's ORIOLE
One who's living large? GIANT
Opposite of close AFAR
Organized TIDY
Outburst at an arena OLE
Part of a fishhook BARB
Paul Fusco's puppet ALF
Period after Mardi Gras LENT
Pittsford, N.Y., golf course that has hosted the PGA Championship OAKHILL
Quartermaster's place, at times SHIP
Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack ___ Rocha DELA
Rails' constructions NESTS
Rapper with the alter ego The BasedGod LILB
Red selection, briefly CAB
Religious official IMAM
Render flabbergasted STUN
Result of pollution HAZE
Rhode Island nickname OCEANSTATE
Rhyming hoops phrase a player uses when arguing they rejected a shot without fouling the shooter ALLBALL
Second piece of evidence at trial EXHIBITB
See 98 Across BAGS
Sequentially INORDER
Sets right? ITALICIZES
Shares memes, say RETWEETS
Shoppe descriptor OLDE
Shopping site symbol CART
Show with Debette Goldry sketches SNL
Shuffles, as the teams in a bracket RESEEDS
Sight in a sound SAILBOAT
Soldiers' folders COTS
Source of electricity EEL
St. No. 22 ALA
Stagger from a shock REEL
Stuffy condition HEADCOLD
Tablet that may have a Neural Engine IPADAIR
They'll help you get up LADDERS
They're full of sheets PRINTERS
Things placed in beds BULBS
Top line? HEM
Traps set by an interrogator, informally GOTCHAS
Turn over UPEND
Unable to move INERT
Unable to wait ANTSY
Uncertain sked letters TBA
Unexpected problem PITFALL
Unit of weight that has been lifted seven times in this puzzle POUND
Unresponsive conditions COMAS
Upbraid SCOLD
View point? OPED
Viewpoint SLANT
Was a zoomer in the 80s? SPED
Way of saying goodbye CIAO
What you take on a plane TRIP
With 97 Across, grocery store stock PAPER
Within AMID
___ shirt (luau wear) ALOHA