The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,433 - Apr 30 2021

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Clues Answers
27, for example, wife found in location of canal OUTERWEAR
9 recognises king, these days the vagrant KNOWETH
Bone goes with third of fillets, fishy Italian dish BOLOGNESE
Central circles with rings around — might these be flowers? PERENNIALS
Deception, fishy fizzy drink? CHARADE
Divine number and letter mentioned? FORESEE
Dramatic Irishman secreting fishy weapon? SHAKESPEAREAN
Dump in African capital with English religious job RABBINATE
First of orders signed — sounded like Napoleon? OINKED
Fishy sanctuary for a lot of Americans? CARPARK
Fishy water? Helper on the way CODRIVER
Fishy weapon? RAYGUN
Fishy weapon? PIKE
Flattened garden ever rising, to some extent EVENED
Follow fast runner, then slow EMULATE
Clues Answers
Mannerly, fishy chap? GENTEEL
Material originally sewn into each frill, one of two pads EARMUFF
Middle Eastern city in Doha, I fancy HAIFA
One gliding along, fishy pupil at Eton, say SKATE
Predator catching egg layer COAT
Reaction, by the sound of it, when apartment evacuated and I go away! ATISHOO
Second river crossed in heading on — point of no return? RUBICON
Soldier on set I look to knock over KEEPITUP
Sounding hard, nothing has replaced one chapter in something easy PHONIC
Targeted by marketing strategy, left shambolic extremists initially in command LEAFLETED
Tart up, on prodding feather once? PREEN
Vessel unknown, number spoken by U-boat crew? YACHT
Where local workers are detained BEHINDBARS