Universal - Apr 29 2021

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Clues Answers
"Another brewski!" BEERME
"Don't Live Life Without It" card, informally AMEX
"Far out!" RAD
"No bid," in bridge IPASS
"Put a ___ on it!" LID
"Quiet!" SHH
"Super Smash Bros. Brawl" and others WIIGAMES
"The Force Awakens" general LEIA
"There was no choice" IHADTO
"___ overboard!" MAN
*French Polynesia's most populous island ITIHAT
*Leader who worked to unite the Iroquois AHTAWAIH
*Luau fish IHAMIHAM
*Musical based on ABBA songs AIMAMMAM
*They work by themselves ATAMOTUA
1.2, 2.4 or 3.6, perhaps GPA
10% contribution TITHE
All lined up INAROW
Animal sound that's a homophone of 21-Across NEIGH
At the peak of ATOP
Azalea, e.g SHRUB
Big Apple paper: Abbr NYT
Blissful place in the Bible EDEN
Boar's nose SNOUT
Ceremonial act RITE
Certain tadpole, eventually TOAD
Chameleon cousin IGUANA
Cook, as broccoli STEAM
Country ruled by a sultan OMAN
Curly part of a chow chow TAIL
Daughter and anagram of Rhea HERA
Decides to participate OPTSIN
Dispensers of twenties, briefly ATMS
Dressed to ___ KILL
Famous ___ cookies AMOS
Felt intuitively SENSED
Fish sandwich spread AIOLI
Florida city near St. Petersburg TAMPA
Fred and Wilma's time STONEAGE
Clues Answers
Frock fold PLEAT
Gain alternative ERA
Gather up AMASS
Gimlet garnish LIME
Head Start's school level, for short PREK
Hunky-dory PEACHY
Indiana-to-Ohio direction EAST
It may come to shove PUSH
It's bigger than a quiz TEST
Item removed at the pump GASCAP
Kimono sash OBI
Kind of saxophone ALTO
Knock on, as a window TAP
Maker of We the Female nail lacquer OPI
Negative vote NAY
Oak tree, initially ACORN
Old saying ADAGE
One may dig a tunnel in a hill ANT
Part of a drum kit HIHAT
Pepsi or Coke COLA
Period for self-care METIME
Raven's cry CAW
Recent arrival in school NEWKID
Sherwood Forest friar TUCK
Slides into the DMs of, say HITSUP
Soap operas and others DRAMAS
Stamped envelopes and such MAIL
System for detecting things in either direction? RADAR
Teacher's ___ PET
Trade SWAP
Useful device for reading each starred answer MIRROR
What divides to multiply? AMOEBA
Without a date STAG
Word after "open" or "hot" MIC
Works at an easel PAINTS
___ ed SEX