New York Times - Apr 20 2021

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Clues Answers
'Darn it!' AWRATS
'Funny!' HAH
'Sorry, you're just not my ___' TYPE
'You've gotta be kidding me!' OHGEEZ
'___ the Damn Season' (2020 Taylor Swift song) TIS
15-percenter AGENT
A.D.A.-compliant entrance feature RAMP
Actress Kathryn of 'WandaVision' HAHN
Animal you might describe by the ends of 21-, 28-, 48- and 54-Across DOG
Awesome, in surf-speak GNARLY
Baby carriage, to Brits PRAM
Barbecue coating RUB
Big name in board games HASBRO
Book after II Chronicles EZRA
British noble EARL
Bug spray ingredient DEET
Business where all the employees blend together? JUICEBAR
Careen VEER
Chicago mayor Lightfoot LORI
Classic theater name ROXY
Comedy's Kaplan or baseball's Kapler GABE
Conger, e.g EEL
Correctly arranged INORDER
Country across the Persian Gulf from the 29-Down IRAN
Country with the world's tallest building, for short UAE
Earn after tax TAKEHOME
Earth Day's mo APR
Egypt's pyramids of ___ GIZA
Expel, as waste EGEST
Extremely EVERSO
Fashionable HIP
Fiona or Shrek OGRE
Furbys or fidget spinners, once FAD
Golfer's target PAR
Gossip starter IHEARD
Have a visible baby bump SHOW
Have ___ (be well connected) ANIN
Honda luxury brand ACURA
Clues Answers
If they leak, you may find yourself in hot water BOILERS
Indian royal RAJAH
Instagram upload, for short PIC
Jack who pioneered late-night talk PAAR
James who likes his martinis 'shaken, not stirred' BOND
Largest speaker in a sound system, usually SUBWOOFER
Light wind BREEZE
Like 'manspreading' on public transportation RUDE
Like wine that's given a chance to 'breathe' before drinking AERATED
Longtime host of 'The Price Is Right' BOBBARKER
Magic potion ELIXIR
Man of Mexico HOMBRE
Mister President or Madam Speaker TITLE
Mooch, as a cigarette BUM
Northern lights phenomenon AURORA
Oblong tomatoes ROMAS
Org. with 50+ members AARP
Others, in Oaxaca OTRAS
Place for a mud facial SPA
Polluted air SMOG
Power user of a popular review site, colloquially ELITEYELPER
Quaint affirmative YESM
Run out to catch a deep pass GOLONG
Says 'I do' without the ado? ELOPES
Scissors sound SNIP
Severely injures MAIMS
Sleeve filler ARM
Smoothie berry ACAI
Snappy put-down ZINGER
Stinky smells ODORS
University of Tennessee athlete, for short VOL
Uno, due, ___ TRE
Vowelless attention-getter PSST
Whack-a-mole whacker MALLET
Woman's name that anagrams to GOAL OLGA
Yiddish 'Yikes!' OYVEY
___ 3000, one half of rap's Outkast ANDRE
___ Stone (hieroglyphics key) ROSETTA