The Washington Post - Apr 19 2021

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Clues Answers
'007' James BOND
'Correctamundo!' RIGHTYOUARE
'Figured it out!' AHA
'Here __ again!' IGO
'Huh!?' WHA
'To __ it may concern' WHOM
Annual shot target FLU
Arrow controlled by a mouse CURSOR
Bone: Pref OSTEO
Building wing ELL
Bundle of hay BALE
Cheeky talk SASS
Chin-up muscle, briefly LAT
College-level HS science course APCHEM
Dining room piece TABLE
Disgraced energy firm ENRON
Expressive online image EMOJI
Fabric CLOTH
Fancy fish eggs CAVIAR
Former soccer phenom Freddy ADU
Gather, as crops REAP
Gift giver's eager urging OPENIT
Giggle sound HEE
Golf tournament kickoff PROAM
Half a bikini BRA
Imprecise suffix ISH
Joint above the ankle KNEE
Kid's riddle: 'Why is six afraid of seven?' 'Because seven __ nine!' ATE
Kind of jet LEAR
Knock (on) RAP
Late-night NYC show SNL
Like Beethoven's 'Pastoral Symphony' INF
Like bouquets of roses FLORAL
LinkedIn user's quest JOBHUNT
Lion's warning ROAR
Little piggies TOES
Made certain LEFTNODOUBT
Memorable lioness ELSA
Clues Answers
Not of sound mind LOCO
Obtain GET
Of sound mind SANE
On the ocean ASEA
One-named 'Tik Tok' singer KESHA
Online remittance app PAYPAL
Only 'V' Monopoly avenue not named for a state VENTNOR
Paper purchases REAMS
Pats down in a weapons search FRISKS
Peace agreement TREATY
Pen tip NIB
Period of work STINT
Pontiac muscle car GTO
Punctual ONTIME
Range above 41-Down ALTO
Range below 28-Across TENOR
Reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit BOILS
Regret RUE
Reverberate ECHO
RN's workplace ICU
Salad green LETTUCE
Science journal since 1869 NATURE
Shapiro of NPR ARI
Sleep disorder APNEA
Smell ODOR
Song from the past OLDIE
Stanley of 'The Hunger Games' TUCCI
Submerged SUNKEN
Tells, as a story RELATES
Tenant's payment RENT
The old college __ TRY
Theater ticket word ROW
Unpretentious DOWNTOEARTH
Vampire tooth FANG
Well-suited to a person's abilities UPONESALLEY
What there may not be 'in the house' during a tearjerker DRYEYE
__ Beach: Southern California city LAGUNA
__ Joe's TRADER
__ of honor: wedding party VIP MATRON