Irish Times (Crosaire) - Apr 15 2021

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Clues Answers
Break the news to boss leading search for lies TELLFIBS
Challenges to opening commercial broadcast for ministers CONTENDS
Delta that is in Australia and so long ADIEU
Ease up on salad on sole LOOSEN
Francis Bacon dismisses canons manipulated by the man of the cloth FABRIC
Give one's consent to set up part of Vermeer gallery AGREE
Got a call from cr?che owner to look after children and that's not forgotten CALLEDTOMIND
Harm from hand cream - that's the twist? DANCE
I've left again over source for wool ANGORA
Keep under control with Cross Trainers RESTRAIN
Love what's found in bread? Oregano! ADORE
Made a home out of necessity across the street NESTED
Masters European language for workers DUTCHMEN
Most of the component from Oxford stops working with apes PARODIES
Clues Answers
Ms Monroe dancing with the gents MENSROOM
Not used to a French Academy around December holding Convention UNACCUSTOMED
Note on high flyers found in plain-to-see bank facility OVERDRAFT
Order good books, by European in Belgium, for reading to the one responsible for taking a shine to Brogan BOOTPOLISHER
Particular type of convertible for hire HARDTOPLEASE
Prepare dinner with endless fashionable Egyptian spirit to go with edible part of grain COOKAMEAL
Pulse lost leader of Triads in line-up? LENTIL
Short prison term for graduate taking large old kettledrum TIMBAL
Sounds like vanilla with cherry - typically ordered along the road entering a French town PLANETREE
Temporary occupant of port city in Germany hasn't finished engineering LESSEE
Trim hotel worker picks up bit of work from one of those fast types, eschewing meat MAIGRE
Turns up, Kiss is associated with a type of music produced by the perfect models PARAGONS
Unimaginative Lucia from Knock? FORMULAIC
What The Sun's fans are looking for leads to local pressure from police department to renounce report? HEATWAVE