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Clues Answers
"Attack, dog!" SIC
"Dear" advice columnist ABBY
"Hee Haw" co-host Buck OWENS
"Hey, dude!" YOBRO
"Same Old Love" singer Gomez SELENA
"Yikes!" EGAD
Actor Waggoner LYLE
Actress Raven- — SYMONE
Affixed, as gift wrap TAPED
Assessed RATED
Badly damaged Fleetwood Mac album? Uglyrumours
Bakers get their mitts on them OVENRACKS
Bamboo-eating bear PANDA
Big primate APE
Billy Joel hit PIANOMAN
Blacken, as a steak SEAR
Bob Marley album that's very popular in big cities? URBANLEGEND
Bohemian ARTSY
Busy as — ABEE
Carole King album hanging as a decoration? WALLTAPESTRY
Cartoon pics CELS
Celestial dust cloud NEBULA
Cello's ancestor VIOL
Chapeau HAT
Cheeky SASSY
Chopped into small cubes DICED
Clerk on "The Simpsons" APU
Closest buds, in brief BFFS
Comical tumble in slapstick PRATFALL
Compadre PAL
Copied a cow MOOED
Cordage fiber SISAL
Cry feebly PULE
Dearth LACK
Della of song REESE
Delts' neighbors PECS
Detach, as a jacket fastener UNSNAP
Doc's throat-checking request SAYAAH
Drags to court SUES
Dryly funny WRY
Dunne of the silver screen IRENE
Edifice extensions ELLS
Endures LASTS
Extensive BROAD
Fast-food cookers FRYERS
Frequently OFTEN
Fruit stones PITS
General — chicken TSOS
Get as profit REAP
Go no further STOP
Go — diet ONA
Granola bit OAT
Granola bit NUT
Greta of the silver screen GARBO
Having no depth, in brief ONED
Healing sign SCAB
Historic start? PRE
Hoodwink DUPE
Huge wave TSUNAMI
Hullabaloo HOOHA
In addition to PLUS
In the style of ALA
Jacob's twin ESAU
John Lennon album sitting there all by itself? JUSTIMAGINE
Joni Mitchell album upon being hit by lightning? ELECTRICBLUE
Labor leader Chávez CESAR
Land in el agua ISLA
Least distant NEAREST
Letter flourish SERIF
Clues Answers
Looking to buy a Beatles album? SEEKINGHELP
Lyre relative HARP
Mad magazine's Alfred E. — NEUMAN
Major Calif. airport code SFO
Mark up with comments ANNOTATE
Mauna — LOA
Mediocre grade CEE
Michael Jackson album that plays mind games? PSYCHOLOGICALTHRILLER
Mistake ERROR
Most adultlike MATUREST
Nixon veep Spiro AGNEW
Not closed all the way AJAR
Not inclined UNAPT
Novelist Jong ERICA
Of the moon LUNAR
Of times past ERSTWHILE
Old Faithful is a famous one GEYSER
Oz lion player Bert LAHR
Part of OTB OFF
Parts of car wheels TIRERIMS
Peeling knife PARER
Polymer used in piping, for short PVC
Pop's Grande ARIANA
Pope before Stephen IV LEOIII
Portions out ALLOTS
Purple fruits PLUMS
Retained KEPT
River by the Louvre SEINE
San — (Texas city, informally) ANTONE
Sanctuary ASYLUM
Savoir- — FAIRE
Scanner of bar codes, for short OCR
Scot's cap TAM
Sebastian of England COE
Seed casing ARIL
Shoe parts TOES
Slimy stuff GOO
Small bouquet POSY
Smartphone extras APPS
Smiling evilly SNEERING
Speechifier ORATOR
Spellbound RAPT
Spiral shape COIL
Spirits in lamps GENII
Stones ROCKS
Stubborn sort MULE
Supporting the idea FORIT
Taken-back autos, e.g REPOS
Taylor Swift album signed for a Catholic dignitary? CARDINALRED
That is, to Tiberius IDEST
The "T" of the DPT vaccine TETANUS
Tibias' places SHINS
Title cousin in a 1992 film VINNY
Title ship in a 1997 Spielberg epic AMISTAD
Toothed tools SAWS
Toy in a crib RATTLE
Turin "Ta-ta!" CIAO
Turns rancid GOESSOUR
U.S. Navy builder SEABEE
Undeveloped expanse OPENAREA
Very busy ATIT
Works by painter Joan MIROS
Write preliminary lyrics to a Patti Smith album? DRAFTHORSES
— -wee Herman PEE
— salts EPSOM