The Washington Post - Apr 7 2021

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Clues Answers
'Awake and Sing!' dramatist ODETS
'Bad, Bad' Brown of song LEROY
'Narcos' org DEA
'Oh dear!' ALAS
'Science Guy' Bill NYE
'Sons of Anarchy' actor Rossi THEO
'The Banana Boat Song' opener DAYO
'Yada, yada, yada' ETCETERA
'__ imagining things?' AMI
*'Cheese stands alone' kids' song title guy FARMERINTHEDELL
*Metaphorical insect observer FLYONTHEWALL
*Old-fashioned parting words FARETHEEWELL
*Second Commandment prohibition FALSEIDOL
Basic French verb ETRE
Bath bathroom LOO
Bear voiced by Ned Beatty in 'Toy Story 3' LOTSO
Blood: Pref HEMA
Came down ALIT
Certain Tibetan LHASAN
Constellation bear URSA
Delhi wrap SARI
Designer bag brand PRADA
Doth possess HATH
Doze NOD
Drove back REPELLED
Early Briton PICT
Elevation word HIGH
Eloper's acquisition INLAW
Eve's opposite MORN
Fashion variable HEMLINE
Figurative expression TROPE
Fri. preceder THU
Fruit drink prefix CRAN
Geologic spans EONS
Get wind of HEAR
Go to pieces, or what's literally hidden in the answers to starred clues FALLAPART
Go __: hit to right field batting right-handed, say, in baseball lingo OPPO
Clues Answers
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Heroic sagas EPICS
Jazz legend Fitzgerald ELLA
Just okay SOSO
Little pigs number THREE
Lover of Euridice, in a Monteverdi work ORFEO
Maker of nonstick cookware TFAL
Many printer jams MISFEEDS
Maytag rival AMANA
MLB pitcher Dock profiled in the 2014 film 'No No: A Dockumentary' ELLIS
Mormons' gp LDS
No longer using OFFOF
Not as bright PALER
Old copy MIMEO
One shared at a campfire TALE
Parroted APED
Performs like Missy Elliott RAPS
Political commentator Navarro ANA
Praised highly EXALTED
Ran through a reader SWIPED
Raw bar mollusk OYSTER
Ruckus FRAY
See stars REEL
Sherpa's home NEPAL
Skeleton prefix ENDO
Sounds of disgust UGHS
South Carolina state tree PALMETTO
Sun: Pref HELIO
Sunrise dirección ESTE
Tally again READD
Tandoori breads NAANS
Trying to block ANTI
Walk with a swagger STRUT
Was ahead LED
When some dinners are served ATSIX
Widen, as pupils DILATE
__ buco OSSO