New York Times - Apr 7 2021

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Clues Answers
'All ___ go' SYSTEMS
'As if!' HAH
'Clumsy me!' OOPSYDAISY
'I want to learn!' TEACHME
'OK, that makes sense' ISEE
'Walk on the Wild Side' singer LOUREED
'___ out!' (ump's call) YER
35mm camera inits SLR
A giant one rises in Citi Field after every Mets homer APPLE
Alec Baldwin, on more than 15 occasions SNLHOST
Bread choice RYE
Cheese of the Netherlands EDAM
Close way to win BYANOSE
Clumsily handles PAWSAT
Columbia or Brown IVY
Common first word for a baby DADA
Congregation leaders PASTORS
Cut of pork LOIN
D.C. mayor first elected in 2014 MURIELBOWSER
Director DuVernay AVA
Dried Mexican chili ANCHO
Dumb bunny DODO
Excessive flag-waving and the like JINGOISM
Fittingly, the first three letters of 32-Across POE
Flushed, as cheeks ROSY
Foretell BODE
Fruit appearing on a Southern license plate GEORGIAPEACH
Game where everything falls into place TETRIS
Gray ___ AREA
Have a bawl SOB
Having good marketing instincts PRSAVVY
Heroes of the sky AIRACES
Hip thing to sip IPA
Insult, informally DIS
It may go out on a limb NEST
Jai ___ ALAI
Leader namechecked in the Beatles' 'Revolution' MAO
Like fine wines AGED
Clues Answers
Like freshly brewed coffee HOT
Looks down MOPES
Many whiskey-based cocktails SOURS
Mental spark IDEA
Mindlessly repeat ECHO
Monogram on an expensive handbag, maybe YSL
Native Caribbean plant whose fruit grows in clusters SEAGRAPE
Nickname of a 1950s president IKE
Not sitting well? ANTSY
Occupation for 32-Down POET
Peanut butter container JAR
Period of history ERA
Pilgrim who's been to Mecca HAJJI
Play again REAIR
Polite affirmative YESMAAM
Property claim LIEN
Ready to go SET
Reason against CON
Show stopper TVAD
Singer nicknamed the Prince of Motown GAYE
Small, spiny lizard HORNEDTOAD
Some YouTube journals VLOGS
Source of great trouble SCOURGE
South African plant whose leaves are used for a popular herbal tea ROOIBOS
Sprint ... or see print RUN
Stiller's comedy partner MEARA
They're prescribed by docs MEDS
Three-tone chords TRIADS
Transitional region between biomes ECOTONE
Video game franchise with characters found at the ends of 17-, 20-, 53- and 58-Across MARIOBROS
Vote of support YEA
Well-versed (in) FLUENT
What a keto diet is high in FATS
What makes God good? ANO
Writer Nin ANAIS
___ Emhoff, stepdaughter of Kamala Harris ELLA
___ Mountains, dividers of Europe and Asia URAL