Universal - Mar 28 2021

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Clues Answers
"But is it ___?" ART
"Butterfly" or "mosquito" follower NET
"Just in case" arrangements, and a hint to the word hidden in reverse in each starred answer BACKUPPLANS
"Murder on the ___ Express" ORIENT
"___ see it ..." ASI
'Do styled with a pick AFRO
*Baseball, in the U.S NATIONALPASTIME
*The Dolomites and others ITALIANALPS
*They, for example PERSONALPRONOUN
About 907 kilograms TON
Anastasia Romanov's father, for one TSAR
Baby's stereotypical first syllable GOO
Ballot caster VOTER
Bed clothes PJS
Before surgery, for short PREOP
Beneficial berry ACAI
Body covering SKIN
Bothers big-time EATSAT
Boxer's deceptive move FEINT
Castaway's location ISLE
Catch some z's NAP
Collect the crops REAP
Cozy retreat DEN
Crest holders? TUBES
Debtor's letters IOU
Dior dress style ALINE
Do damage to HURT
Do some sums ADD
Falls behind LAGS
Feature of a fedora BRIM
Feed the kitty, in poker ANTE
Filled with farmland RURAL
Fish eggs ROE
Gadot of "Wonder Woman" GAL
Given to theatrics DRAMATIC
Greeting called from the deck AHOYMATE
Handles skillfully FINESSES
Heart-pumping workout, slangily CARDIO
Clues Answers
Hillary ___ Clinton RODHAM
Lake on the California-Nevada border TAHOE
Large outdoor event for shoppers TENTSALE
Like deadpan humor DRY
Luxury Honda brand ACURA
Malia's sister SASHA
May honoree MOM
Med. drama settings ERS
Minute ___ Tropical Punch MAID
Nanny or kid GOAT
Natural talent FLAIR
Nimble AGILE
Not manual, informally AUTO
Not mono, maybe STEREO
Org. concerned with workplace injuries OSHA
Polite denial NOSIR
Record company LABEL
Rug rat TOT
Scout's award BADGE
Sees what is said LIPREADS
Southpaw's opposite RIGHTY
Stratford's river AVON
Take the wheel STEER
Tennis gold medalist Andre AGASSI
Texter's closest pal BFF
The "A" in A.D ANNO
They help people get a leg up OTTOMANS
Up till now TODATE
Venus' do-over LET
Volcanic output ASH
Volkswagen compact JETTA
What a crossword solver may need ERASER
Where to buy a Spider-Man costume on the web ETSY
Where zlotys are spent POLAND
Wrestling surface MAT
You may pick it up when you're in a hurry PACE
___ carte ALA
___ Lilly and Company ELI