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Clues Answers
"Binary" singer DiFranco ANI
"Definitely!" YES
"In your face!" HAH
"It's so-so" MEH
"Look, mice!" EEK
"Lord Jim" novelist Joseph CONRAD
"Righteously" singer Williams LUCINDA
"Smooth Operator" singer SADE
"Thwack!" KAPOW
"Wait a —!" SEC
* Buyer's final figure NETCOST
* Golf format not based on the number of holes won STROKEPLAY
* Part of an internal-combustion engine VALVETRAIN
* Removes tenderly, as a lover's tears KISSESAWAY
* Vessel for crustacean fishing SHRIMPBOAT
Actor Saget BOB
Actress Jane SEYMOUR
Animal trap SNARE
Around H'wood, e.g INLA
Austrian cake TORTE
Band blasters AMPS
Big name in car cleaning products TURTLEWAX
Bit of a script LINE
Blackthorn fruits SLOES
Brainteaser ENIGMA
Brian of Roxy Music ENO
Brief letter NOTE
Calculus pioneer Leonhard EULER
Car navig. aid GPS
Cartoon pic CEL
Cato's "I love" AMO
Cemetery plot GRAVESITE
Church teachings DOGMAS
City haze SMOG
City in central Illinois EASTPEORIA
Coverer of a bald spot TOUPEE
Creole cooking pods OKRAS
Dark deli loaf RYE
Desk wood OAK
Director Preminger OTTO
Drug bust unit KILO
Eye creepily OGLE
Fair booth STALL
Fear greatly DREAD
Film holders SPOOLS
Form a lap SIT
Freed from federal restrictions DEREGULATED
French card game ECARTE
Genesis twin ESAU
Getz of jazz STAN
Give off light GLOW
Groups for devotees FANCLUBS
Hawaii's nickname ALOHASTATE
Hot temper IRE
Information group for analysis SETOFDATA
Lack of refinement INELEGANCE
Launching platform PAD
Leash, e.g STRAP
Less remote NEARER
Like altruists SELFLESS
Like an old apple's consistency MEALY
Like official public statements ONTHERECORD
Lil Jon's genre RAP
Lion's home DEN
List-curtailing abbr ETAL
Longtime operating system UNIX
Many a virtual bidding event EBAYAUCTION
Membrane covering a lung PLEURA
Mgr.'s helper ASST
Mine car load ORE
Clues Answers
Moniker for a Yale student ELI
Much like ALA
Nice 'n Easy product DYE
Obtain by threatening EXTORT
Occupancy levies HOTELTAXES
One asked to attend a party INVITEE
One of Chrysler's K-cars DODGEARIES
Open to discussion NEGOTIABLE
Open, as a Ziploc bag UNSEAL
Ork, Krypton or Melmac ALIENPLANET
Ornate wardrobe ARMOIRE
Owner of WordPerfect COREL
Pack full STUFF
Paris airport ORLY
Pipe with a flexible tube HOOKAH
Place to learn, in Lyon ECOLE
Pseudonym ALIAS
Reeves of "The Matrix" KEANU
Remote FAR
Renege (on) BAIL
Ripen AGE
Rock's Clapton ERIC
Roof part EAVE
Roofing material SLATE
Roofing material TAR
S. Amer. country URU
Sacred spots SHRINES
Satirical device IRONY
Scanned ID in a market UPC
Shark part FIN
Shin locale LEG
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Singer Rita MORENO
Singer Rita ORA
Small stream BROOK
Smartphone company NOKIA
Soviet spacecraft series VOSTOK
Spanish pot OLLA
Speechify ORATE
Star athlete, for short MVP
Star pitchers ACES
Straight up, in a bar ICELESS
Straight up, in a bar NEAT
Stumblebum OAF
Summer, to Jeanne ETE
Super-corny CHEESEBALL
Supped ATE
Supplement ADDTO
Take an ax to HEW
Take to court SUE
Talk smack to DIS
Temporarily stylish thing FAD
Tent securer PEG
Thanksgiving mo NOV
That girl SHE
The Browns, on sports tickers CLE
The opposite way INREVERSE
Tony winner Schreiber LIEV
Toping sort SOT
Tough HARD
Trousers PANTS
Twist, as in a hose KINK
Unlike gods MORTAL
Up on the latest HIP
Vast Asian mountain system HIMALAYA
Volunteer's response ICAN
Winter illness FLU
Word that can precede the starts of the answers to the five starred clues BUTTERFLY
Yoko of art ONO