Universal - Mar 23 2021

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Clues Answers
"I figured it out!" AHA
"Mary Magdalene" star Rooney MARA
"Midsommar" director Aster ARI
"To be clear ..." IMEAN
"We need proof!" LETSSEEIT
(This wasn't my error) SIC
*1979 Rod Stewart hit whose title is a question (1 to 3) DAYATHINKIMSEXY
*Home in a tall building (7 to 12) HIGHRISECONDO
*Improvise (see letters 6 to 9 in this answer) PLAYBYEAR
*Shared characteristics (4 to 8) COMMONTHREADS
80, for Dr. Fauci AGE
According to ASPER
Aetna competitor CIGNA
Airport-to-hotel transports CABS
Animal that oinks PIG
Arcade game pioneer ATARI
Assent that sounds like a vowel AYE
Blink of an eye TRICE
Bumbling ones OAFS
Bush of "One Tree Hill" SOPHIA
College, in British slang UNI
Conclude through logic INFER
Consume completely USEUP
Creative inspiration MUSE
Egg farm mothers HENS
Engage in an online scam PHISH
Expire, as a subscription LAPSE
Folklore meanies OGRES
Get-together, casually SESH
Glasgow girl LASS
Goes (for) OPTS
Hand cream additive ALOE
Heart test, briefly EKG
Hosp. surgical areas ORS
K-pop star who rose to fame in 2012 PSY
Kept in the email loop CCED
Like a fresh muffin MOIST
Clues Answers
Loser to paper ROCK
Macho sorts HEMEN
Mars rovers, perhaps?: Abbr ETS
Miso and udon dishes SOUPS
Molecule component ATOM
Most likely to win ODDSON
Number that shares a key with @ TWO
Out of town AWAY
Overtime cause TIE
Plants used in basketry REEDS
Poker entry fees ANTES
Poodle's annoyance FLEA
Portion out ALLOT
Precursor to rocksteady SKA
Prefix meaning "many" MULTI
Problem ISSUE
Professional pursuit CAREER
Put on a pouty face SULK
Raunchy writing SMUT
Retirement benefits org SSA
Rogen of "Steve Jobs" SETH
School group CLASS
Showroom model DEMO
Six-pt. plays TDS
Some movie theaters AMCS
Stick-to-itiveness GRIT
Support with funds BACK
Swim team events MEETS
Teddy bears, e.g PLUSHTOYS
The "S" of GPS: Abbr SYST
The Chicks, e.g TRIO
Thurman of "Gattaca" UMA
Uses a certain video chat program SKYPES
Walk off the stage EXIT
Watch over GUARD
Where poodles are pampered PETSPA
Windshield hazard FROST
Workplace respite, and a hint to the starred answers' indicated letters BREAKTIME