New York Times - Mar 22 2021

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Clues Answers
'Here, you'll like it!' TRYONE
'You called?' YES
1980 Stephen King novel ... or a hint to the beginnings of 17-, 29- and 45-Across FIRESTARTER
Algebra, for calc, e.g PREREQ
Artist Matisse HENRI
Band aid AMP
Birdsong WARBLE
Birthplace of General Motors FLINTMICHIGAN
Bitter Italian liqueur AMARO
Blokes LADS
Bygone Swedish auto SAAB
Certain online dating bio TINDERPROFILE
Classic eyes for Frosty COALS
Collectible toy vehicle MATCHBOXCAR
Comedian Jimmy who joked of his 'schnozzola' DURANTE
Condition that affects concentration, for short ADHD
Contents of some drifts SNOW
Corner offices and prime parking spots, for company V.I.P.s PERKS
Couch SOFA
Door part KNOB
Door parts JAMBS
Elemental part of an element ATOM
Energy-efficient illumination sources, for short LEDS
Expert PRO
Family KIN
Famous almost-last words from Caesar ETTU
Flipped (out) FREAKED
Flowing, musically LEGATO
Friend in France AMI
Funny Tina FEY
Glittery dress adornments SEQUINS
Greek letters that rhyme with three other letters ETAS
Health class subject SEX
Hit the slopes SKI
Imbecilic INANE
Investments with account nos CDS
Laura with an Oscar and an Emmy DERN
Like art that might offend prudish sorts EROTIC
Clues Answers
Locale for the radius and ulna ARM
Long-bodied jazz instrument, for short SAX
Mil. branch with dress blues and dress whites USNAVY
Mother hen's responsibility BROOD
Nighttime demons INCUBI
No more than UPTO
Nosy sort SNOOP
Not stringently enforcing the rules LAX
Old Italian money LIRE
Old-fashioned record collection, for short LPS
Person who might bother a bedmate SNORER
Plummet DROP
Point value for a 'Z' in Scrabble TEN
Prank interviewer who referred to Buzz Aldrin as 'Buzz Lightyear' ALIG
Preceding, poetically ERE
Predicament FIX
Prefix with red or structure INFRA
Quick punch JAB
Rageaholic's state IRE
Removed with the teeth BITOFF
Security alarm trigger TRIPWIRE
Sierra ___ (African land) LEONE
Skunk funk ODOR
So-called 'Sin City' LASVEGAS
Squid's defense INK
Stop on a drinker's 'crawl' PUB
Submitted a résumé APPLIED
The 'A' of I.P.A ALE
They establish order in language classes SYNTAXES
Those who are not among us (or are they?) ETS
Tightest of pals, in brief BFFS
Tots' time together PLAYDATE
Tree in the birch family ALDER
Use needle and thread SEW
White ___ of Dover CLIFFS
Without interruption ONEND
Yanks' opponents in the Civil War REBS
___ de vie EAU