The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1833

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Clues Answers
A few words on career, the most you can get out of a judge? life sentence
A small volume employed for defendant ACCUSED
Bad temper noticed around place SPLEEN
Condensation managed on tiles, but damages the rendering MISTRANSLATES
Crumbling cold lump of earth CLOD
Drunk indeed, now nail home brew dandelion wine
Dupe having stolen goods picked up TOOL
Encountered rising annoyance in storm TEMPEST
Film about mutant salt, a threat to sea life? PLASTIC
Fit in Charlie, playing well CONFORM
Founder of colony and member of one showing flag PENNANT
Goes without, sounding careless LACKS
Clues Answers
Madrid team accepting fresh makeover RENEWAL
Make shrill sound in the act of crossing street WHISTLE
Merit of newspaperman about to join army DESERVE
One enters London school after European woman ELSIE
Opening bars with some quaint rooms INTRO
Personal jewellery: told to secure it? LOCKET
Preserve pet? marmalade cat
Prizegiver putting book in Christmas wrapping NOBEL
Short fibre spun BRIEF
Snooker ball and its value recalculated REDONE
Start to collect pieces of wood for footwear CLOGS
Worthless metal container TINPOT