The Washington Post - Mar 16 2021

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Clues Answers
'Are so!' or 'Am not!' RETORT
'Better Call Saul' channel AMC
'Groovy!' NEATO
'Insecure' star Rae ISSA
'Neath opposite OER
'Well done' award GOLDSTAR
*Everyone in Paris? TOUTLEMONDE
*King or prince MALEMONARCH
66-Down pro EMT
Acts with passion EMOTES
Alpha follower BETA
Answer to 'Who's hungry?' IAM
Arrange, as a shawl DRAPE
Australian avian EMU
Back muscle, briefly LAT
Brew initials IPA
Bubble __: Taiwanese drink TEA
Cain, to Eve SON
Call from the rear? BUTTDIAL
Card game cry UNO
Cincinnati MLB team REDS
Comedy special for which Hannah Gadsby won a 2019 Emmy NANETTE
Commotion UPROAR
Company with toy trucks HESS
Corn bread PONE
Decade in which many Gen Zers were born NINETIES
Dirt road grooves RUTS
Disclose REVEAL
Earthquake-caused SEISMIC
Egyptian god of the afterlife ANUBIS
Elitist sort SNOB
Fish dish garnish, or a hidden feature of the answers to starred clues LEMONSLICE
Forensic tech's tool UVLAMP
Great Salt Lake state UTAH
Groaner, maybe PUN
Hardly in the dark AWARE
Howled BAYED
Hurting after exercise ACHY
Clues Answers
Kayak kin CANOE
Life-saving proc CPR
Like an exaggerated résumé PADDED
Mac alternatives PCS
Makes right AMENDS
Messy roommates SLOBS
Military academy student CADET
Mom-and-pop org PTA
Montana resort area BIGSKY
Mother lode stuff ORE
NBC skit show SNL
One having visions SEER
Pack (down) TAMP
Pastry with an ursine name BEARCLAW
Pay to play ANTE
Poker-faced STOIC
Prestigious broadcasting award PEABODY
Promotes on TV, say PLUGS
Qatari leader EMIR
Quick honk TOOT
Result of too many six-packs? BEERGUT
Sea, in Spain MAR
Secret meetings TRYSTS
Shakespeare's fairy queen MAB
Sickeningly sweet SAPPY
Skating medalist Lipinski TARA
Slips up ERRS
Snoopy is one BEAGLE
Sought morays EELED
Starfish's five, usually ARMS
Stonestreet of 'Modern Family' ERIC
Tall hiking socks can protect against one TICK
Tape type DUCT
Texter's 'Wow!' OMG
Turndowns NOS
Visit at the penthouse STOPUP
Watch closely EYE
Word after hot or before drop MIC