New York Times - Mar 7 2021

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Clues Answers
'Kinda sorta' ISH
'OK, you can stop the story right there' TMI
'Stillmatic' rapper NAS
'Zoom-Zoom' sloganeer MAZDA
'___ Agnus Dei' (Mass phrase) ECCE
A as in Arles UNE
A chest often has a large one HASP
A full moon will do this WANE
About 460 inches of rain per year, on Kauai's Mt. Waialeale NORM
Actor Somerhalder IAN
Admit (to) COP
Aerodynamic SLEEK
After the fact, as a justification POSTHOC
Alternative explanation for a lucky guess, in brief ESP
Antagonist FOE
Arias, typically SOLOS
Baby fox KIT
Beehive State city OGDEN
Bishop's jurisdiction SEE
Bitter ACID
Booties RUMPS
Brown shade TAN
Brown shade SIENNA
Busy mo. for C.P.A.s APR
Co-star of 'Golden Girls' BEAARTHUR
Co-star of Kline in 'A Fish Called Wanda' CLEESE
Coin with 12 stars EURO
Comeback to a challenge of authority SEZME
Contract details TERMS
Drink for un bébé LAIT
Drink similar to a slushie ICEE
Drop off NOD
Drop the ball ERR
Ear: Prefix OTO
Electronic Hasbro toy FURBY
Emphatic assent YESIDO
Entourage POSSE
Ethnic group of Rwanda and Burundi HUTU
Exercise too much, say OVERDO
Football stat: Abbr ATT
French fashion inits YSL
Garbage SWILL
Go all out STRAIN
Go bad ROT
Good sign for an angel SRO
Grapple, in dialect RASSLE
Guarded LEERY
Guest, e.g INVITEE
Hall's partner in pop OATES
Have guests over ENTERTAIN
HBO satire starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus VEEP
Help to one's destination GIVEALIFT
Hit musical with an 'Emerald City Sequence' THEWIZ
Hit the weed? HOE
Hollywood composer Bernstein with 14 Oscar nominations ELMER
Hosp. areas ORS
Hotel room staples TVS
How a flirt may act COYLY
HP product TONER
Intl. org. headquartered in Geneva WTO
It's the law! ORDINANCE
Item said to have been burned in protest, once BRA
Julius Caesar's first name GAIUS
Kids' observation game ISPY
Clues Answers
Kind of skate INLINE
Knock over, so to speak ROB
Legislation that was part of F.D.R.'s New Deal NRA
Letters on many towers AAA
Letters on some badges FBI
Life force, in China CHI
Like pets and parking meters FED
Lively dance genre SALSA
Man's name that coincidentally is Latin for 'honey' MEL
Mature naturally, in a way VINERIPEN
Memphis-to-Nashville dir ENE
Most in the style of comedian Steven Wright WRIEST
Musical prefix with beat AFRO
Narrowly beats (out) EDGES
Old-fashioned 'cool' HEP
One might speak under it OATH
One of the Greats? PETERI
One side of the coin TAILS
Org. that takes the lead on lead? EPA
Oscars of the sporting world ESPYS
Pan-cook, in a way SAUTE
Part of a thong STRAP
Peak in Turkey mentioned in both the 'Iliad' and the 'Aeneid' MTIDA
Pepé ___ (cartoon skunk) LEPEW
Photocopy, e.g REPRODUCE
Picky person's pick? NIT
Place full of guests INN
Playwright Chekhov ANTON
Popular 90-min. show SNL
Post production? CEREALS
Quaker fare OATMEAL
Radio broadcaster: Abbr STN
Recharge RESTUP
Runner Sebastian who once held the world record for the mile COE
Scottish folk dance REEL
Setting for most of 'Life of Pi' SEA
Singer James ETTA
Some bad sentences RUNONS
Some kitchen utensils ZESTERS
Sport played at British boarding schools POLO
Start of a compilation heading BESTOF
Start of a seasonal request DEARSANTA
Supermodel Bündchen GISELE
Tests the weight of HEFTS
The Blue Jays, on scoreboards TOR
The Jazz, on scoreboards UTA
Things for happy campers? RVS
Three-sport event, for short TRI
Times for some vigils EVES
Top-notch AONE
Two, for four ROOT
Unfocused BLEARY
What a third wheel might see, in brief PDA
What may result in a handshake SALE
What you might get from a trailer SNEAKPEEK
Word with small or fish FRY
Words of hopelessness ICANTGOON
___ bar TAPAS
___ Majesty HER
___ mater, membrane surrounding the brain PIA
___ Slam (tennis feat) SERENA
___ Writers' Workshop IOWA