New York Times - Mar 1 2021

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Clues Answers
'50s Ford flop EDSEL
'And you?,' to Caesar ETTU
'Why didn't I think of that!' NICEIDEA
'Yu-u-uck!' EWW
'___ appétit!' BON
'___ Father who art in heaven ...' OUR
'___ get you!' ILL
*Chicago, 1893 FERRISWHEEL
*Paris, 1889 EIFFELTOWER
*Seattle, 1962 SPACENEEDLE
100% PURE
After tax NET
Arctic native INUIT
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Burn soother ALOE
Charge with a crime INDICT
Cheers at a fútbol match OLES
Cups, saucers, pot, etc TEASET
Dull-colored DRAB
Eight lamb chops, typically, or a frame for 15 pool balls RACK
Emotional state MOOD
Engages in thievery STEALS
Events for which the answers to the three starred clues were built WORLDSFAIRS
Garden of earthly delights EDEN
Gymnast Simone BILES
Happen next ENSUE
Houston team ASTROS
Hush-hush SECRET
Inelegant problem-solving technique BRUTEFORCE
Jack Nicholson's weapon in 'The Shining' AXE
Kind of vehicle to take off-road ALLTERRAIN
Laudable Lauder ESTEE
Like a 10th or 11th inning, in baseball EXTRA
Like some college bros FRATTY
Lyric poems ODES
Made a verbal attack, with 'out' LASHED
Manicurist's board EMERY
Miles away AFAR
Mont Blanc and Matterhorn ALPS
Clues Answers
More recent NEWER
Musical finale CODA
Nincompoop ASS
Nine-digit government ID SSN
Not at liberty UNFREE
One of several on a tractor-trailer AXLE
One of the Twin Cities STPAUL
Ostensible SOCALLED
Pants holder-upper BELT
Partook of a meal ATE
Pay-___-view PER
Photos at the dentist's XRAYS
Pigs' digs STY
Ply with chocolates and roses, say WOO
Promotional goodies handed out at an event SWAG
Queries ASKS
Remove from power OUST
Rock band that electrifies audiences? ACDC
Sacred HOLY
Salt Lake City athlete UTE
Shelter that might be made of buffalo skin TEPEE
Sneaky SLY
Sound heard in a long hallway, maybe ECHO
Sunni or Shia, in Islam SECT
Sweetheart, in Salerno CARA
Tanning lotion stat SPF
The Big Easy, in brief NOLA
Theme park with an 'Imagination!' pavilion EPCOT
Three-time A.L. M.V.P. (2003, 2005 and 2007), informally AROD
TV channel for college sports ESPNU
Undercover operative MOLE
Unruly throng MOB
Visualize SEE
Wake others up while you sleep, perhaps SNORE
Wanders (about) GADS
Word before shell or mail SNAIL
Words spoken after a big raise? IFOLD
___ the Grouch OSCAR