The Washington Post - Feb 28 2021

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Clues Answers
'Beau __' GESTE
'Let Me Ride' Grammy winner DRDRE
'Return of the Jedi' beings EWOKS
'The Honeymooners' surname KRAMDEN
1964 Civil Rts. Act creation EEOC
1968 album containing 'The Motorcycle Song' ARLO
25% of doce TRES
86-Down, for one PART
AOL and Comcast ISPS
At no time, in old times NEER
Bar accessory OPENER
Barber's powder TALC
Be empathetic RELATE
Became aware of, with 'to' AWOKE
Bird feeder cake SUET
Bonnie with 10 Grammys RAITT
Brewpub choices ALES
Bud, for one BEER
Carpenter's machine LATHE
Cartoon explosion sound BLAM
Champagne spec BRUT
Cobbler fruit APPLE
Colgate rival ORALB
Come to terms AGREE
Commonsense approach to behavior analysis FOLKPSYCHOLOGY
Computer that was retired in 1955 ENIAC
Concerning INRE
Connect, in a way, with 'in' PLUG
Coronary chambers ATRIA
Credit union seizure REPO
Cruise ship feature SPA
Czech or Serb SLAV
Dairy-based quaff NOG
Do a garden chore WATER
Draped garments TOGAS
Drinking noise SLURP
Dusk, poetically EEN
Email option REPLY
Emotive speaker ORATOR
Enduring legends MYTHS
Facebook count LIKES
Fallon predecessor LENO
Fell in pellets SLEETED
Fitness ratio: Abbr BMI
Foil alternative EPEE
Fussbudget PRIG
Give up CEDE
God with a hammer THOR
Half a game fish MAHI
Half of a dinner pairing WINE
Handle SEETO
Have something EAT
Heist figure THIEF
Hold fast ADHERE
Iberian landmark that's an insurance company logo ROCKOFGIBRALTAR
Image in a religious painting HALO
Immortal army leader ARNIE
Inuit craft UMIAK
It ends with the burial of Hector ILIAD
Jamaica's Ocho __ RIOS
Key letter PHI
Lake south of London ERIE
Last movement of Beethoven's 'Waldstein' Sonata, e.g RONDO
Leave in STET
Lorna of Brit Lit DOONE
Lunch box treats OREOS
Luxury watch OMEGA
Many a Grisham hero LAWYER
Mar. honoree STPAT
MLB stat RBI
Mom-and-pop business STORE
Moms in a glade DOES
Clues Answers
Montana motto metal PLATA
Moving around ASTIR
Musician's gift EAR
Name of the Baltimore Ravens' mascot POE
NBA's __ Conference EASTERN
Not treating nicely BADTO
Oklahoma's top crop WHEAT
One covering the bases TARP
One of the ones that 'say so much,' in an Elton John hit SADSONG
One way to rest EASY
One who shows the way USHER
Online notes IMS
Pack animal ASS
Peachy-keen AOK
Peloponnesian city-state SPARTA
Period SPAN
Personal exam? SOULSEARCHING
Phobia lead-in ACRO
Piazza de Ferrari city GENOA
Pioneering TV brand RCA
Pitchers that can't throw? EWERS
Places to put coins SLOTS
Poaching targets EGGS
Popular long shot LOTTO
Port alternative MADEIRA
Prayer opening OLORD
Prior conviction, e.g RAPSHEETENTRY
Professional charges FEES
Programmer's problem, perhaps LOOP
Put back to zero RESET
Quite dry ARID
Redder, perhaps RIPER
Reverence AWE
River in Tuscany ARNO
RSVP convenience SASE
Santa Anita numbers ODDS
Saw things TEETH
Senate staffers AIDES
Set aside ANNUL
Short-legged hopper TOAD
Showed the courage DARED
Some fort components PILLOWS
Start celebrating POPTHECORK
Starting point STEPONE
Stephen King's role as the minister in 'Pet Sematary,' e.g CAMEO
Strong desires YENS
Sub alternative WRAP
Summer cottage, perhaps COUNTRYRETREAT
Support PROPUP
Sweet-smelling pouch SACHET
Symbolic uncle SAM
The other way around VICEVERSA
Tiny island nation near the equator PALAU
Title for Richard Starkey SIR
Topping for chicken enchiladas SALSAVERDE
Unfitting INAPT
Unmoving INERT
Untidy types SLOBS
Victor's wife in 'Casablanca' ILSA
Villainous look SNEER
Whip up a cake BAKE
With full force AMAIN
With no changes ASIS
Would rather have PREFERS
Yemeni city ADEN
Zugspitze, e.g ALP
__ Lama DALAI
__ Lee SARA
__ wear MENS