Jonesin' - Feb 16 2021

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Clues Answers
'80s-'90s German chancellor Helmut KOHL
'Ashes to Ashes' novelist Tami HOAG
'Black-___' (ABC sitcom) ISH
'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' vocalist Kiki DEE
'Ermahgerd Gersberms!', for one MEME
'Futurama' genre SCIFI
'Isn't that ___ much?' ABIT
'March Madness' sponsor, for short NCAA
'My Life as ___' (1985 Swedish film) ADOG
'Never in a million years!' WHENPIGSFLY
'Newhart' establishment INN
'Quaking' tree ASPEN
'Summer Girls' boy band LFO
'The Fall of the House of ___' USHER
80 years into the future, in movie credits (will we even have movies?) MMCI
Actor Bailey of 'Band of Brothers' and 'Almost Famous' EION
Actor Whishaw BEN
Add to the pot RAISE
Air beyond the clouds ETHER
Alfred E. Neuman line WHATMEWORRY
Animated alternative to mailing a greeting ECARD
Being dragged along INTOW
Brunch, e.g MEAL
By this point YET
Capri or Elba ISLE
Catches some Z's SLEEPS
Channel for buying stuff from your couch HSN
Chocolate candy cut into cubes FUDGE
City NNE of Lake Tahoe RENO
Clinton preceder or follower BUSH
Collaborative websites WIKIS
Colorful quartz AGATE
Comparatively cunning SLIER
Competed at Daytona RACED
Contributes to the jar? SWEARS
Conversation lapses UHS
Copper-colored coin last minted in 1958 WHEATPENNY
Crime investigation facility DNALAB
Dashboard Confessional genre EMO
Clues Answers
Discover (or how to determine what the four circled answers have in common) FINDOUTWHY
E flat's alias DSHARP
Ending with fluor- IDE
Fantasy football figure STAT
Follow closely, these days STAN
Former U.S. President James ___ Garfield ABRAM
Heart-wrenching SAD
Heat source? MIAMI
Hockey site, maybe ARENA
Intoxicating, as liquor HEADY
It may be gaping MAW
It may get stubbed BIGTOE
Karmann ___ (classic VW model) GHIA
Kinfolk, for short FAM
Knight's transport STEED
Macedonian's neighbor SERB
Magilla Gorilla, really APE
Makes some tea BREWS
My reaction to this ice storm I'm stuck in right now BRR
Nintendo Switch predecessor WII
Oom-___ bands (Oktoberfest entertainment) PAH
Overabundance EXCESS
Part of S&L LOAN
Prefix with therapy HYPNO
Relaxing sound AAH
Robert who introduced the term 'cell' to biology HOOKE
Roswell crafts UFOS
Scan in READ
Show announcer EMCEE
Singer Bebe REXHA
Skim, like with homemade chicken stock DEFAT
Sport featured in the 2005 documentary 'Murderball' WHEELCHAIRRUGBY
Stocking stuffer TOY
Succinct letter signoff YOURS
Swedish store to get lost in IKEA
Time on a job STINT
Tiniest bits IOTAS
___ de plume NOM