The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27891

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Clues Answers
Academic briefly leading appeal to make money PROFIT
African mothers sitting by major road MASAI
Bad film of oil obliterating lake SICK
Command to invade indistinctive territory close to another country BORDERLAND
Dickensian character's feeling of resentment, heading off RUDGE
Disappear, having crossed river in Japan? VARNISH
Editor and writer beginning to recognise their paying customer? SUBSCRIBER
Exceptional dearness expressed primarily in these songs? SERENADES
Generation after former Labour leader shown in bit of film FOOTAGE
In Ireland I am reminded about mythical creature MERMAID
In island country group in retreat broods INCUBATES
Last messages for couple seen round India ADIEUX
Like a drink and place for serving food by river POTABLE
Like ultra-spiritual type that offers response to disease? ANTIBODY
Most inadequate hotel and pub exposed in inspection THINNEST
OTT party type could make Tories err ROISTERER
Clues Answers
Pants giving legal summaries BRIEFS
Plant arrived — car turned up for collection CAMOMILE
Poison in ancient city going round he got rid of VENIN
Rarely has one topic that one can crack PISTACHIO
Reportedly, put out to search for water DOWSE
Soft device for fixing shrub PRIVET
Sort of road test after component has been installed ORBITAL
Squander cash on account of what bookie offers? Then stop! OVERSPEND
Squat in small enclosed space CUBBY
Student now sadly denied university time, being this? sent down
Talk from the French priest about origin of temptation LECTURE
The fellow facing destiny as a lowly worker HELOT
They have big clothes items old boy stuffed in drawers inappropriately WARDROBES
Walk ostentatiously to show support STRUT
Wild animal in European capital starts to scare Brits off LION
Work out where area of fear is INFER