The Washington Post Sunday - Jan 31 2021

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Clues Answers
'A Matter of Gravity' playwright Bagnold ENID
'Alone' author Gardner LISA
'Don't Let Go (Love)' R&B group ENVOGUE
'GoldenEye' star BROSNAN
'Hell in Paradise' singer Yoko OHNO
'Sextette' star West MAGE
'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars' creation WORLD
'The Gift of Southern Cooking' co-author Lewis EDNA
'The Tell-Tale Heart' author POET
'You ___ here' ACRE
'___ Lasso' (TV series starring Jason Sudeikis) TED
'___ Loves You' (Beatles hit) SHOE
Advil alternative ANACIN
Barking mammal SEGAL
Be in control, say REIGN
Ben, to Peter Parker UNCLE
Between ports ASEA
Black ___ (clandestine activities) OPS
Book given a different cover, e.g REISSUE
Breaking tool CUE
Brings into harmony MALIGNS
Call to a Cardinal, at times SAFE
Candy with Tropical and Wild Berry varieties SKITTLES
Cat food flavor TUNA
Catch some Z's DOZER
Causing offense, maybe RUDE
CNN correspondent Reeve ELLE
Common pet name HON
Concrete mixer? MASON
Cooking vessels POSTS
Country music event? HOEDOWN
Cuban dance with enchufla turns SALSA
Dallas-based hotel chain OMANI
Date book? ALMANAC
Deceive LIETO
Dehydrates DRIES
Device for many an Apple Music subscriber IPODTOUCH
Driving instructor? GPS
Encounters unexpectedly RUNSINTO
Entered with forces INVADED
Extraction from igneous rocks, at times ORE
Falafel bread PINTA
Financial investment STAKE
Firm boss's deg., often MBA
Flow rich in silica LAVA
French physicist Becquerel who discovered radioactivity HENRI
Furnish for the moment LEND
Fuzzy screen buildup LINT
Ghost in Super Mario games with a scary-sounding name BOO
Given a seat ELECTED
Go through notes, say SIGHTREAD
Going by, initially AKA
Greek letter written in Tibetan? ETA
Growth area for reeds BOG
Hard thing for a construction worker THAT
Having firm muscles TONED
He once said: 'There is no past or future in art. If a work of art cannot live always in the present it must not be considered at all.' PICASSO
Hits, as in laser tag ZAPS
Hoodies can cover them NAPES
Human dynamo's quality VIM
In theory ONPAPER
It's between 6 and 15 on a dartboard TEN
Jams in bathrooms CLOGS
Jazz saxophonist Nistico SAL
Like a spacious room AIRY
Like activities that can get you out of trouble? ESCAPIST
Like V, but not X ODD
Little bit THAD
Lukas of 'Witness' HAAS
Many, informally LOTSA
Means of investing funds, for short IRA
Militant Greek god ARIES
Mme., in Maine MRS
Clues Answers
Musical specialty for MF Doom REAP
Not lined, like some notebook pages UNRULED
Object ITEM
Of the peninsula connected to the Perekop Isthmus CRIMEAN
Office ___ DEPOT
Old ship-coating material TAR
One of a deadly septet SHIN
One striking a chord PIANIST
One who may hand down court orders? COACH
One who wants things to go up in flames PYRO
Ones taught sign language by Francine Patterson APES
Ontario town with a stronghold that was besieged during the War of 1812 FORTERIE
Opened, schedule-wise CLEARED
Org. receiving returns IRIS
Palm places, perhaps ISLES
Peeled, as potatoes PARSED
Percolate SEEP
Pokhara's nation NEPAL
Portuguese wine variety MADEIRA
Potential recipient of an NAACP Image Award ACTRESS
Push for an answer PRY
Question for puzzle solvers RIDDLE
Reason for an aha moment IDEA
Requiring balm, perhaps ITCHY
Rescue party? HERO
Reveal, as sensitive info LEAK
Right/time preceder ALL
Rotates, as tires SPINS
Russian president's veto NYET
Sailor traveling to Colchis, in myth ARGONAUT
Samantha Bee's cable network TABS
Saves the Day genre EMO
Seize NAB
Serengeti herd animal ANTELOPE
Shaolin Temple figures MONKS
Shot that goes awry OUTTAKE
Silly and immature PUERILE
Simplicity TEASE
Six-footer who's only a few millimeters tall AUNT
Slapstick trio member MOLE
Slasher film weapons AXES
Small mint product CENT
Something picked up at an auto dealership NEWCARSMELL
Somewhat INAWAY
Sore and then some IRATE
Source of fusion reactions SUN
Specialized cell that responds to stimuli TASTERECEPTOR
Spiritual life force CHI
Streaming data VIEWS
Stuff at dinner, say SATE
Summons from a hiding place PSST
Summons in an inbox EVITE
Support, as a university ENDOW
Swabbie's agreement AYE
T-shirt cannon setting ARENA
Thanksgiving feast, e.g METAL
The Egyptian god Khnum had the head of one RAM
They move over sounds and waves BOATS
Those celebrated on the podcast 'Fantastic Geeks (and Where to Find Them)' NERDS
Through VISA
Tool with a microfiber head, maybe MOP
Turn off, so to speak KILL
Was an extremely obsessive fan of, in slang STANNED
Washington's secretary of war, 1789-1794 KNOX
Web locale SITE
Where you might see a father APSE
Wingless stage LARVA
Winter forecast adjective NIPPY
Writer Harte or wrestler Hart BERET
___ hair day BALD
___ Holmes Norton, congresswoman representing D.C. beginning in 1991 ELEANOR
___ pal GAEL
___ sequitur NON
___-diesel (engine option) TURBO