Family Time - Jan 18 2021

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Clues Answers
"For ___ a jolly good fellow" HES
"God ___ America" BLESS
"How about that," old-school GEE
"So long" FAREWELL
"Wait, it'll come to me in a second" sound HMM
"Will there be anything ___ with your order?" ELSE
"___ Karenina" ANNA
A major desert SAHARA
A root vegetable RUTABAGA
A son of Adam ABEL
Absorb a book READ
Alley rodent RAT
Basketball air supplier PUMP
Blackthorn SLOE
Card game with a dealing box FARO
Charitable donation ALMS
Chinese frying pan WOK
Color or shade HUE
Computer inserts CDROMS
Confronted, as a tough situation FACED
Contacts via phone CALLS
Country barn dance miss GAL
Drink of the mythical gods NECTAR
Extremely dry, as a desert ARID
Feature of a human foot ARCH
Feminine pronoun SHE
Grazing pasture fields LEAS
Had marshmallows ATE
Honored guests' platform DAIS
In for the night and under covers ABED
Inflamed, itchy skin patch RASH
Is in ownership of HAS
It's usually guarded by a door ENTRANCE
Joint that may be replaced KNEE
Clues Answers
Make a goofy mistake ERR
Necessities NEEDS
Nest-egg savings component, for some IRA
Not mine or ours YOUR
Noted Russian mountain chain URAL
Numerical chances, to a bettor ODDS
NY, KS and TX are in it USA
One of Christopher Columbus' ships NINA
Owl's hangout building BARN
Part of a pingpong table NET
PC's "brain" CPU
Place for mythical mermaids SEA
Raisin ___ cereal BRAN
Santa ___, CA ANA
Scorch, as a cut of beef CHAR
Secure with ropes or strings BIND
Sibling for sis BRO
Silty soil LOAM
Small section of a circle ARC
Soda type COLA
Speed letters of old records RPM
Supposed sixth sense ESP
Temple with a curved roof PAGODA
Time standard all clocks are set by, briefly GMT
Top-rated steak sauce? AONE
Tournament game passes BYES
Two words for estimators ORSO
Type of Biblical leaf FIG
U-turn from "northern" SOUTHERN
U.K. network BBC
Wearing clothes CLAD
Wind instrument that is quite slender OBOE
With the skills to do the job ABLE
Word with "feet" or "necessities" BARE