Universal - Jan 16 2021

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Clues Answers
"Little Women" sister BETH
"Oh, I almost forgot," in a text BTW
"Sounds like a plan!" LETS
"The Art of Fugue" composer BACH
"___ it be?" COULD
"___ we forget" LEST
A blizzard might cause one DELAY
All, e.g., for this answer's last six letters? Halfgallon
Alley-___ OOP
Astronaut's assent AOK
Battle of the ___ BULGE
Battle of the ___ SEXES
Bit of color TINGE
Brisbane buddy MATE
Caption for a diet ad photo BEFORE
Comics character with a big tongue ODIE
Command BEHEST
Connects with on Snapchat ADDS
Country inside South Africa LESOTHO
Cow, say BOVINE
Do a tailor's job ALTER
Documentarian Michael MOORE
Encouragement to a batter GOODEYE
Exciting volleyball play SPIKE
Fail to include OMIT
Fluctuates YOYOS
For, e.g., for this answer's last six letters? SEMIFORMAL
Glamour competitor ELLE
Her, e.g., for this answer's last six letters? HEMISPHERE
It beats a high card PAIR
It's taken to start a trip LSD
Jason's vessel ARGO
Kitchen clangers POTS
Laze about LOLL
Like Sideshow Bob's hair on "The Simpsons" CURLY
Like some promises EMPTY
Logician's transition ERGO
Clues Answers
Make a screenplay out of, maybe ADAPT
Malia Obama, during her father's second term TEEN
Many a Yemeni ARAB
Maryland athlete, briefly TERP
New Haven Ivy Leaguers YALIES
Not as fresh STALER
One looked up to ROLEMODEL
Panache ECLAT
Photographer's prompt SMILE
Porters, e.g ALES
President nicknamed "His Accidency" TYLER
Profoundly insightful DEEP
Quick recharge POWERNAP
Ranch sound MOO
River through Luxor NILE
Royal address of old MYLORD
Say no to DENY
See 38-Across BALM
Serve after a let, e.g REDO
Set out EMBARK
Seventh most populous state OHIO
Short flight HOP
Small sewing case ETUI
Some jeans LEES
Something snuck into a dry event HIPFLASK
Sources of scholarly stress ORALS
Sprightly PERT
Stings, as cold weather BITES
Teacher of Aristotle PLATO
Tool for Paul Bunyan: Var AXE
Train for a prizefight SPAR
Treat with many Limited Edition flavors OREO
Varsity squads ATEAMS
Vat, e.g., for this answer's last six letters? DEMILOVATO
Vied for office RAN
With 6-Across, chap application LIP
Witherspoon of "A Wrinkle in Time" REESE
___ mater ALMA