Wall Street Journal - Jan 16 2021 - Interaction

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Clues Answers
“It’s obvious!” DUH
“King of Sorrow” singer SADE
“Leave it in” STET
“Psycho” location MOTEL
“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” composer KERN
“Summer Nights” musical GREASE
A pop PER
Activists’ targets INJUSTICES
Advocacy group for seniors AARP
Agitate STIR
Alarmed cry YELP
Ancient Anatolian HITTITE
Anise-flavored liqueur OUZO
Anonymous plaintiff JOHNDOE
Available ONTAP
Be flexible BEND
Beasts FAUNA
Bee follower CEE
Beet color RED
Birthplace of Pythagoras SAMOS
Bottle drinker’s need OPENER
Brief periods, briefly SECS
Burundi neighbor RWANDA
Chicago hub code ORD
Chomped BIT
Chop down HEW
Clichéd saying BROMIDE
Close buds BFFS
Conflicts between beginners? STARTERWARS
Crushed, in a way TRODON
Defaulter’s former car REPO
Deli slice SALAMI
Different ELSE
Different OTHER
Do the wrong thing ERR
Door keeper JAMB
Dowdy dresser, derogatorily FRUMP
Eave-repair task? GUTTERWRENCHING
Encountered MET
Enter an objection DEMUR
Farm flier BARNOWL
Favoring PRO
Favors ISFOR
First half of a single SIDEA
Fit for picking RIPE
Food Network regular Brown ALTON
Gallery owner’s challenge? PAINTERMANAGEMENT
Gas emitted by some pollutants and depleted by some OZONE
Grown boys MEN
Guernsey greeting MOO
Guitar’s little cousin UKE
Hard to come by SCARCE
He sold his birthright for a mess of pottage ESAU
Her assistance is requested in a Beach Boys song RHONDA
Her assistance is requested in a Derek and the Dominos song LAYLA
History topic ERA
Home of the Tom Ridge Environmental Center ERIE
Iliac intro SACRO
In the distance YONDER
Inter ___ ALIA
It’s read to the unruly RIOTACT
Japanese Olympics site NAGANO
Kon-Tiki Museum site OSLO
Landed ALIT
Large quantity MASS
Large venues ARENAS
Left in the cereal bowl too long, maybe SOGGY
Clues Answers
Like “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead” TRAGICOMIC
Like Daniel in the lions’ den UNEATEN
Like doubtful tales or difficult orders TALL
Like sailors on leave ASHORE
Lowly worker PEON
Maker of ZigWild Trail shoes REEBOK
Margarine OLEO
Marlowe’s portrayer in “The Big Sleep” BOGART
Marsh plant REED
Melodies AIRS
Mendacity DECEIT
Merle Haggard’s “___ From Muskogee” OKIE
Messenger god HERMES
Miles of music DAVIS
Miller of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” EZRA
More prone to complaining WHINIER
Nabokov novel with a palindromic title ADA
Narrated TOLD
Nice round figure CIRCLE
Night sch. course ESL
Period of work STINT
Persian believer in spiritual unity BAHAI
Phoenician port TYRE
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Population centers CITIES
Position of leadership HELM
Prepare for publication EDIT
Prepare to propose KNEEL
Private Pyle of old TV GOMER
Prove inadequate FAIL
Quick-cooking pans WOKS
Really slather it on? BUTTERSERIOUSLY
Revolving entryway STILE
Roll-wrapping seaweed NORI
Room connector HALL
Sanguine ROSY
Sch. focus EDUC
Seattle’s WNBA team STORM
Security problem LEAK
Select group CADRE
Session of self-indulgence METIME
She, in Roma ESSA
Sinister signs OMENS
Sits around IDLES
Sky blue AZURE
Solemn ceremony RITE
Some excuses LIES
Some Staples buys PCS
Sommelier’s suggestions WINES
Sorvino of “Mighty Aphrodite” MIRA
Specialized dog groomer? SETTERDECORATOR
Spicy dip SALSA
Spots SEES
Sushi favorite AHITUNA
Sycophant’s metric? FLATTERRATE
Thinks a lot of ESTEEMS
Top story GARRET
Travel references ATLASES
Trusted teacher MENTOR
Try to hit AIMAT
Twofold DUAL
Uno y uno DOS
Urban pest RAT
Virgil epic AENEID
Wife of Menelaus HELEN
Win back REGAIN
Woofer product BASS
Wyndham Hotels subsidiary, familiarly HOJOS