L.A. Times Daily - Jan 12 2021

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Clues Answers
"All right!" YEAH
"Even __ speak ... " ASWE
"Famous Potatoes" state IDAHO
"Giant" author Ferber EDNA
"The Piano Lesson" painter Henri MATISSE
"Yada, yada, yada" letters ETC
*Afternoon social that may include a waltz or three TEADANCE
*Brewery container BEERKEG
*Growing business? GREENHOUSE
*Monster.com activity WORKSEARCH
1896 and 2004 Olympics setting ATHENS
Anatomical pouch SAC
Anger IRE
Arg. neighbor URU
B&B, maybe INN
Barrister's topper WIG
Bothered big-time ATEAT
British landing facility AERODROME
Capt.'s underlings LTS
Carve in stone ETCH
Chinese menu possessive TSOS
Colored eye part IRIS
Command to a dog HEEL
Convene MEET
Cooled with cubes ICED
Coup d'__ ETAT
Cry after a golfer's ace ITSIN
Deep sleep COMA
Depends (on) RELIES
Does some necking CANOODLES
Elton John's title SIR
Goldarn DANG
Hard thing to kick HABIT
Helpers: Abbr ASSTS
Hopping joints? ANKLES
Hot spot SAUNA
Hush-hush SECRET
It has three numbers and two slashes DATE
Clues Answers
Italian peak ETNA
Jared of "Panic Room" LETO
Like the U.S. political system, and a hint to the answers to starred clues TWOPARTY
Local theater, briefly NABE
Mandela's land: Abbr RSA
Match audio and video SYNC
Matching tops worn together TWINSET
New Mexico art community TAOS
Noted 2001 bankruptcy ENRON
Panache ECLAT
Part of SLC CITY
Phobos, to Mars MOON
Playfully shy COY
Population statistic DENSITY
Professor's address LECTURE
Russo of "Ransom" RENE
Sheets and pillowcases BEDLINEN
Sherpa's country NEPAL
Shrubs arranged as barriers HEDGES
Singing syllables TRALA
Sky box? KITE
Stadium toppers DOMES
Start of a pirate's refrain YOHOHO
Staves off AVERTS
Stay close to BENEAR
Summer TV fare RERUNS
Sundae-topping cookie OREO
Swedes' neighbors NORSE
Tales of __: misfortunes WOE
Tick repellent DEET
Tom, Dick or Harry ANYONE
U.K. continent EUR
Ukr. or Est., once SSR
Used a stun gun on TASED
Wall St. takeover LBO
Word in a green trio? REUSE
[None of the above] OTHER