USA Today - Feb 18 2021

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Clues Answers
'Crisis ___!' AVERTED
'I'll take a ___ at it' STAB
'If you ask me,' for short IMO
'It's the end of an ___' ERA
'Mazel ___!' TOV
'Miss Juneteenth' star Beharie NICOLE
'Mona ___' LISA
'The Wall Between' author Braden ANNE
'___ it or lose it!' USE
Activist Parks ROSA
Airport stat ETD
At the ___ hour ELEVENTH
Bliss JOY
Cereal based on a Nabisco cookie OREOOS
Childbirth specialists, for short OBS
Cloud's place SKY
Cola, e.g SODA
Cold outside CHILLY
County in the southwest corner of Arizona YUMA
Dark outside DUSKY
Day after Thu FRI
Downloadable volume EBOOK
Fake-offended phrase IMHURT
Form a labor group UNIONIZE
Guided trip TOUR
Hit's opposite MISS
In addition TOO
Inaccurate term MISNOMER
Japanese dog breed AKITA
Letters on toothpaste tubes ADA
Lorain's state OHIO
Metallic resource ORE
Name meaning 'king' RAJA
Name that means 'have a meal' when spelled backwards TAE
Clues Answers
Name that means 'have a meal' when spelled backwards ENID
Neck design, for short TAT
Nike competitor REEBOK
Ocean bottom SEAFLOOR
Palindromic name OTTO
Peephole's place DOOR
Podcast hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle West THEREAD
Product in skin care or printing TONER
Really small TINY
Rihanna song with the lyric 'Now that it's raining more than ever' UMBRELLA
Show off FLAUNT
Signed off on OKAYED
Some Coloradans UTES
Something owed DEBT
Song part that's repeated REFRAIN
Spanish for 'Miss' SENORITA
State flower of Indiana PEONY
Supermarket section AISLE
Surgery souvenir SCAR
Tax inspection AUDIT
The first 'S' in USSR SOVIET
Thee Stallion, to fans MEG
Third letter of 12-Across ENE
Third-largest Hawaiian island OAHU
Tree with a 'slippery' variety ELM
Tube-shaped bottle VIAL
Unit of computer memory BYTE
Uses as sustenance FEEDSON
What goes between tic and toe TAC
With 34- and 49-Across, Toni Morrison quote IFYOUAREFREE
Word after 'pool' or 'periodic' TABLE
Word before 'dias' or 'Aires' BUENOS
Z, to a Brit ZED
___ Aviv TEL