Wall Street Journal - Jan 2 2021 - New Beginnings

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Clues Answers
“Don’t close the barn door once the horse has run away,” e.g.? STABLESAW
“I ___ Feeling” (Black Eyed Peas hit) GOTTA
“My Favorite Year” star OTOOLE
“Not another word!” CANIT
“Pretty please?” CANI
“The Discovery of India” writer NEHRU
“The King and I” setting SIAM
“The Persistence of Memory” setting MOMA
“___ luego” (“See you later”) HASTA
1979 Pro Bowl MVP Ahmad RASHAD
Adorable tot CUTIE
Allowed LICIT
As a result ERGO
As neat as ___ APIN
Auto dealer’s offering LEASE
Avocado or olive TREE
Avril follower MAI
Base of the NCAA’s Golden Eagles ORU
Beethoven’s “Hammerklavier,” for one PIANOSONATA
Before now AGO
Bellyaches GRIPES
Best Musical at the 1977 Tonys ANNIE
Bit of fiction LIE
Blanche’s sibling STELLA
Bow to OBEY
Brewery product LAGER
Bro’s twin, perhaps SIS
Butler’s last word DAMN
Cabs may be found on them WINELISTS
Chew the scenery HAMITUP
Chiding sound TUT
Close group FRIENDS
Cocky walk STRUT
Coldhearted STONY
Collar inserts STAYS
Computer network’s coverage area? ROUTERSPACE
Contenders at Cannes FILMS
Craze FAD
Designer’s place ATELIER
Diamond unit CARAT
Dirties SOILS
Do for Prince Valiant PAGEBOY
Does a bouncer’s job OUSTS
Dressing base OIL
Eagle’s abode AERIE
Either of two on a vampire bat? FRIGHTWING
Enlightened AWARE
Erin Burnett’s employer CNN
Eschewing fancy neckwear? ASCOTFREE
Figurehead position PROW
Fills a recent vacancy, say RELETS
Forget to mention OMIT
Funny folks WITS
Gadot who plays Wonder Woman GAL
Garden ornamental SPIREA
Glazed square TILE
Goes on YAKS
Golf green feature? SPORTHOLE
Good times UPS
Hearty dinner STEW
Helps when one shouldn’t ABETS
Henry VIII’s third Catherine PARR
Hostile group ENEMY
Hunt’s partner PECK
Ill-fated batter CASEY
In the neighborhood ABOUT
Julia with a Drama Desk Award RAUL
Ketch’s kin YAWL
Knocks more than a few back TOPES
Clues Answers
Layout options FONTS
Lessen ABATE
Longbow material YEW
Maricopa Co.’s state ARIZ
Music category POP
New beginning, as spelled by the new beginnings in this puzzle’s theme answers FRESHSTART
Nut case SHELL
One in a shower METEOR
Orchestra section HORNS
Oscar winner Guinness ALEC
P, sometimes RHO
Painters of financiers’ portraits? ECONARTISTS
Parts of hearts ATRIA
Pasta purveyor TRATTORIA
Pester persistently HARASS
Play set in a Kansas diner BUSSTOP
Pole explorer Richard BYRD
Pound, e.g COIN
Practices in the ring SPARS
Products of crimping irons? HAIRWAVES
PTA meeting place SCH
Pull some strings? TUNE
Répondez ___ vous plaît SIL
Radio type AMFM
Recliner features LEGRESTS
Rehearsal request LINE
Ring quartet OPERAS
Roddick with a racket ANDY
Romantic rendezvous on the Orient Express? TRAINDATE
Roofer’s calculation? RAFTERMATH
Salt container? BRIG
Shakespeare’s Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth or Mustardseed FAIRY
Shopping cart course AISLE
Sicilian peak ETNA
Sinbad finding a way to bind himself to a roc, e.g.? TURBANMYTH
Sits on the counter, say COOLS
Ski resort of southern Switzerland ZERMATT
Slopes CANTS
Smoke alarm alerts BEEPS
Staff worker AIDE
Starbuck, Queequeg, Tashtego and crewmates WHALERS
Strike setting HOME
Sub system SONAR
Surmounting ATOP
Sushi bar supply RICE
Take ___ for the better ATURN
Takes the helm STEERS
Tank acronym SCUBA
They’re on the record GROOVES
Throw that’s not quite a ringer LEANER
Tipsy LIT
Title teenager in an MTV animated series DARIA
Toothbrush choice SOFT
Twisty fish EEL
Undermine ERODE
Unneeded embellishment FRILL
Vestige TRACE
Was an indulgent grandparent DOTED
Was dashing? TORE
Was short OWED
Wasn’t impartial SIDED
Weigh station units TONS
Without repair ASIS
Yoga equipment MATS
___ mater ALMA