The Washington Post Sunday - Dec 27 2020

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Clues Answers
'... ___ he drove out of sight' (holiday poem line) ERE
'A ___ upon thee!' POX
'Arrivederci!' CIAO
'Ask someone else' NOTME
'Crocodile Hunter' Steve IRWIN
'Erie News ___' (Pennsylvania news program) NOW
'ha ha' LOL
'It's going down!' SOS
'It's outta here!' GONE
'Land of Confusion' band GENESIS
'My Bloody Valentine 3D' actress King JAIME
'Oh, that's fun!' NEAT
'The Blue ___' (Strauss waltz inspired by a river) DANUBE
'They won' WELOST
'You're full of it!' LIAR
1982 Disney film set in cyberspace TRON
20-20 and others TIEGAMES
Absorb, as gravy SOPUP
Ace's value, maybe ONE
Alligator ___ (fish) GAR
Amorphous organisms AMOEBAS
Animated underwater Disney character NEMO
Architect Maya LIN
Arctic birds TERNS
Arm storage spaces ARSENALS
Army-style attire, for short CAMO
Art producer Yoko ONO
At half price, say ONSALE
Author Blyton ENID
Auto racer Bobby UNSER
Ba Dinh Square capital HANOI
Baby who hoots OWLET
Be penitent over ATONEFOR
Beast in a pen PIG
Become droopy SAG
Begin to smell bad, say ROT
Biker bars? SPOKES
Biochem strand RNA
BLT ingredient TOMATO
Bowling technique SPIN
Boxer's low target GUT
Bride's words before putting on a ring, perhaps IDO
Busy locale HUB
Casual dining spots BISTROS
Check out secretly PEEPAT
Chicken korma of Indian cuisine, e.g ENTREE
Chicken ___ king ALA
Coins in Coventry PENCE
Commercial flop DUD
Commit a blunder ERR
Comprehend, informally GROK
December temps SANTAS
Decide, as in court RULEON
Degree holder, briefly ALUM
Derived from, with 'on' BASED
Diving bird LOON
Duel setting WILDWEST
Eisenhower-era child, say BOOMER
Enterprise captain ___-Luc Picard JEAN
Equestrian's need HORSE
Ewoks' forest moon ENDOR
Expand, as a lead WIDEN
Expel, as lava SPEW
Fairy ___ TALE
Fetal growth site UTERUS
Film director Craven WES
Film director Spike LEE
Follower of pi RHO
Fourth mo APR
Fuel gas ETHANE
Ginger ale, e.g SODA
Glided SLID
Greek symbol for the index of refraction, in physics ETA
Group of reindeer HERD
Grouping on Noah's Ark PAIR
Guest's sleeping spot SOFA
Had ambitious goals ASPIRED
Half of a gendered dispute HESAID
Has the rite idea? WEDS
Hasty escape LAM
Having absorbed many kinds of books WELLREAD
Having the relevant info AWARE
Hearing aid? AMP
Hidden supply CACHE
Highlight for a drummer SOLO
Hot water holder KETTLE
Hymn-singing site PEW
Important parts of many a metapuzzle CLUES
Impress enormously AWE
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
Inspiration for the International Day of Non-Violence GANDHI
Insult comic's specialty SNARK
Clues Answers
It's half 62 Down MULE
Just knew FELT
Laughably dumb ASININE
Like a laptop when you don't touch it for a while IDLE
Like Dracula's victims BITTEN
Locates FINDS
Luther Vandross's genre SOUL
Makeshift shelter HUT
Meadow creature COW
Metallic waste SLAG
Middle Ages lands FIEFS
Money spent in Milan EURO
Monopoly roller DIE
Mr. Bean of film SEAN
Musical Ives BURL
Muted, with 'down' TONED
New Year's ___ EVE
News bombshell EXPOSE
Nickname preceder AKA
No. that may rise or fall depending on economics? GPA
Notable quintet (Row A) GREATLAKES
Notable quintet (Row B) SENSES
Notable quintet (Row C) FINGERS
Notable quintet (Row D) OCEANS
Notable quintet (Row E) SPICEGIRLS
On a cruise ATSEA
One lending assistance HELPER
One living in a convent NUN
Ontario-born Shania TWAIN
Order (around) BOSS
Oreo, e.g COOKIE
Pacific salmon COHO
Parts of the 5×5 grid whose corresponding 93 Across will lead you to the meta answer COLUMNS
Passionate about INTO
Pinkie Pie, to Marble Pie, on 'My Little Pony' SIS
Poetic lamentations ELEGIES
Poker player's words IMIN
Posh ride to a film premiere LIMO
Powerful impulses URGES
Punkie Johnson's show, for short SNL
Quarters in the woods TENT
Quite avid GUNGHO
Ready, like a doctor ONCALL
Recharging station? SPA
Rich political donor FATCAT
Scary street in film ELM
See 75 Across LETTERS
Served, as at a bar POURED
Set off an alarm? STARTLE
Sharks that dance and sing, e.g GANG
She campaigned in Michigan on Nov. 3, 2020 HARRIS
She's part of the extended family GRANDMA
Short Wiki page STUB
Signs, as a check ENDORSES
Simplify EASE
Situated over ATOP
Some academic hurdles ORALS
Southern Methodist University graduate Bush LAURA
Sow bug, e.g ISOPOD
Sporty Toyota model SOLARA
State without war PEACE
Stop on a train route DEPOT
Stormy condition IRE
Superior of a co CEO
Swiss city where the World Economic Forum's annual meeting takes place DAVOS
T in the Greek alphabet TAU
Tall grove specimen OAK
Taste toast, say EAT
That guy's HIS
They're spread by sneezing GERMS
Thin bit of smoke WISP
Thing shown in an X-ray BONE
Thumb (through) LEAF
Tiny, in Tours PETIT
To-be-released apps BETAS
Trainee in uniform CADET
Treat served in a tin PIE
Underground extraction ORE
Upstate New York city OLEAN
Use crayons, say DRAW
Utopia rocker Rundgren TODD
Video game creator ___ Kojima HIDEO
Watson's colleague HOLMES
Wharton once published in the Atlantic Monthly EDITH
What a golfer may save PAR
What apps are written in CODE
What one may say upon walking through the door IMHOME
With 86 Across, parts of 25 answers in this puzzle that must be used to fill the 5×5 grid FIRST
Working hours UPTIME
___ and void NULL
___ Arbor (city on the Huron River) ANN
___ Price, dentist in 'The Hangover' STU