Wall Street Journal - Dec 26 2020 - Backflips

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Clues Answers
“¿Cómo ___?” (“How are you?”) ESTAS
“Aw, nuts!” DRAT
“Go ahead, I’m listening” OKSHOOT
“I dunno” GOTME
“Rumble in the Jungle” champ ALI
“Stand and Deliver” star OLMOS
“The Planets” composer HOLST
“Wir glauben all an ___ Gott” (Lutheran hymn) EINEN
Action before driving TEEING
Airfare restrictions? TICKETBUTS
Apple pie order ALAMODE
Aquatic plant ALGA
Asian sultanate BRUNEI
Bath scrubber LOOFA
Be penitent ATONE
Belgrade native SERB
Bert Bobbsey’s twin NAN
Bonnie of “Presumed Innocent” BEDELIA
Border in the court ENDLINE
Brand of virtual critters NEOPETS
Braves’ div NLE
Brazilian coffee port SANTOS
Breakfast menu section OMELETS
Brushoff from a daredevil? HOTDOGSNUB
Canned meat to go? ROADSPAM
Cardholder’s burden DEBT
Casual quality EASE
Central Plains people OTOE
Cheapskates PIKERS
Commanded RAN
Commotions in the Japanese legislature? DIETADOS
Continental cash EUROS
Creature with pseudopods AMOEBA
Crushing defeats ROUTS
Danny, Sandy or Rizzo, say? GREASEPART
Degs. for curators MFAS
Dick Dastardly’s cartoon sidekick MUTTLEY
Didn’t guzzle NURSED
Dir. opposite NNW SSE
Dot follower COM
Extra, briefly ADDL
Facelift alternative? NATURALSAG
Fighter for Sauron ORC
Financial guru Suze ORMAN
Fix some walls REPANEL
Food box abbr NETWT
Forte LOUD
Freeloader SPONGER
Goes too far OVERDOES
Guileless NAIVE
Gym count REPS
Handles SEESTO
Hawking collaborator PENROSE
He had a whale of a time JONAH
Heroic accounts SAGAS
Hiccups, so to speak SETBACKS
High point ACME
Hoisin sauce ingredient SOY
Informal greeting HEY
It eats shoots and leaves PANDA
Jeff Lynne’s group ELO
Jerry’s pursuer TOM
John of rock ELTON
Justice Sotomayor SONIA
Kangaroo feature POUCH
Last-call request ONEMORE
Clues Answers
Letter-shaped beam HBAR
Like banter WITTY
Like caterpillars LARVAL
Like owls TALONED
Lima locale OHIO
Location of rods and cones RETINA
Lost soul SINNER
Lowly worker SERF
Lustful god EROS
Made deductions INFERRED
Made ready PREPPED
Makes an oath CURSES
Mastiff feature JOWL
Memory measures BYTES
Mother of Zeus RHEA
Mozart’s Adagio ___ minor INB
Music syllable LAH
Name on some batteries DELCO
New York congressman Jeffries HAKEEM
Oahu neighbor MOLOKAI
Observatory observations NOVAS
Old schoolteacher MARM
Online marketplace EBAY
Oscar of “Ex Machina” ISAAC
Oscar winner for playing Lynn SPACEK
Oslo language, to native speakers NORSK
Perennial trouble spot MIDEAST
Play grounds ARENA
Principle TENET
Pub order ALE
Radio City Music Hall style ARTDECO
Rang out PEALED
Rock genre PUNK
Room for relaxing DEN
Ruhr Valley city ESSEN
Sandwiches for dessert OREOS
Scrabble piece TILE
Second person EVE
Select OPT
Shows signs of life STIRS
Sidesteps EVADES
Singer Horne LENA
Site of Chicago touchdowns OHARE
Skips a ceremony ELOPES
String quartet member VIOLA
Successor of Claudius NERO
Survey choice OTHER
Sushi wrapper NORI
Tetley competitor LIPTON
This pulls a bit REIN
Those with clout INS
Threaten to topple TEETER
Thundering AROAR
Tournament rounds SEMIS
Ukr., once SSR
Unescorted cotillion attendee? SINGLEDEB
Vardon Trophy org PGA
Vitamin bottle info RDA
Waste maker HASTE
White’s role on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” NIVENS
Without a clue ATSEA
Wrath IRE
You can count in it BASETEN
___-Freez (soft-serve brand) TASTEE