Universal - Dec 9 2020

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Clues Answers
"I knew it!" AHA
"See ya!" BYE
"Sorta" suffix ISH
"There's no stopping me!" (... 2 to 7) IMONAROLL
"___ who?" SEZ
'90s DJ's collection CDS
After taxes NET
Angsty genre EMO
AOC and others REPS
Aphrodite's son EROS
Artist Neiman LEROY
Assessed RATED
Bathroom bowl BASIN
Beaver's construction DAM
Beef or pork (... 3 to 6) REDMEAT
Bright star in Aquila ALTAIR
Camel cousin LLAMA
Communication syst. involving the hands ASL
Composer of the "Semper Fidelis" march SOUSA
Cook in hot oil DEEPFRY
Country within Somalia? MALI
Crafty SLY
Cut quickly SNIP
Easily split rock SHALE
Equestrian competition DRESSAGE
Flying mammal with sharp teeth (... 5 to 8) VAMPIREBAT
Font similar to Helvetica ARIAL
French city that inspired Van Gogh ARLES
From ___ to riches RAGS
Gadget GIZMO
Greek P RHO
Haze in Los Angeles SMOG
Hot dog topper CHILI
Jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Johannesburg currency RAND
Large container VAT
Mary ___ cosmetics KAY
Clues Answers
Massive amount of a vitamin MEGADOSE
Matchbox item that's safe for kids? TOYCAR
Matchmaker with arrows CUPID
Mixture BLEND
More likely to pry NOSIER
NBC show since '75 SNL
NFL official REF
Nickname that rhymes with Ray DRE
Off-the-cuff remark ADLIB
Once more AGAIN
One may spend hours on an Xbox Series X GAMER
One obsessed with order (... 2 to 5) NEATFREAK
Oscar ___ Renta DELA
Over-the-top actor HAM
Perfectly pitched ONKEY
Person who plays a round GOLFER
Pie crust, initially? (unscramble letters 5 to 9) PIZZADOUGH
Piece of clothing with no sole? CAMI
Prepared for repainting SCRAPED
Private eye Spade SAM
Rice field PADDY
Seize NAB
Set sail GOTOSEA
Singer Brickell EDIE
Singer Redding OTIS
Southwestern plant CACTUS
Sow's pronoun SHE
Spooky EERIE
Take care of, as a bar TEND
Washington bills ONES
Went ballistic LOSTIT
Word before "circle" or "tube" INNER
Work space, for many DESK
World's longest river NILE
Wrestler/actor John CENA
Yemen neighbor OMAN
Zagreb native CROAT
___ legend (questionably true story) URBAN