- Dec 5 2020

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Clues Answers
''Iliad'' mischief maker ATE
''Puss in Boots'' villain OGRE
47 Across device TELEVISIONSET
A Bernstein successor at the New York Philharmonic MEHTA
Absorbs fully EATS
Agent's quest STATESECRET
Allied AKIN
Another name for the ''world's lowest point'' SALTSEA
Appraisal abbr EST
Barack selection of 2010 ELENA
Can't look away from STAREAT
Certain seed PIP
Certain seedy place SHACK
Collector's item RENT
Common concavity INNIE
Constitution's last Article SEVEN
Destinations for many contributions IRAS
Destructive contingent RIOTERS
Did great SHONE
Distinguished SPECIAL
Film noir stock character STOOLIE
High points in the sky ZENITHS
Historian's study ERAS
House trailer FUL
Household name DAD
Impressively versatile MULTITALENTED
In other words IDEST
It can turn on Whirlpool washers SIRI
It has a head and hops IPA
It's right at Little Havana DERECHO
It's unmatched in Old Maid QUEENOFSPADES
Clues Answers
Joan of Arc museum city ORLEANS
Legendary GREAT
Limelike ACID
Lower __ LIP
Mission assistant ATTACHE
New homeowners, usually LIENEES
Nissan's sportiest ZCAR
One hoping for damages SUER
Overworked TRITE
Pants are sold in them PAIRS
Performer's brief pause QUARTERREST
Pope of the Medici family LEOX
Queen Elizabeth's Flower Basket and Coral Rose PINS
Recognizing ONTO
Sandwich seller DELI
Sandwiches since the 1600s EARLS
Seller of Bike USA, KitchenHQ, etc HSN
Single letter on pet adoption papers SEX
Six-Oscar director/producer (1933-1946) CAPRA
Source of resources ARSENAL
Staple of Polish vegetable salads FETA
They're chosen in schoolyards SIDES
They're not serious DILETTANTES
Things to lift SPIRITS
Trident resemblers PSIS
View from Armenia's capital MOUNTARARAT
What Israel became, in George's family IRA
Where to relax in Pasadena DEN
Whom Emerson called ''the jingle-man'' POE
Word from the French for ''burst out'' ECLAT
Youngsters' support group TEACHERSAIDES
__ hours AFTER