Irish Times (Crosaire) - Dec 3 2020

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Clues Answers
A small train with pack animals LLAMAS
Advertised without dates for excursion DRIVE
Choosing the wood perhaps on the mountains popular with the swingers DRIVINGRANGE
Coming from the heart of family going overseas BLOODVESSELS
Compromising writing from political zealot HARDLINER
Country ends appalling practice nowadays of accepted conventions USAGES
Created a stink, as had the bang of Benjy REEKED
Crucial play with right message for wider distribution CIRCULAR
Daydreaming when not in school? Took umbrage with that! ABSENTMINDED
Exactitude of American university upset by smutty type ACCURACY
Fellows from academy involved in the Italian routine MENIAL
Greene is going all over the place to get a shot in the arm ENERGISE
Growing concern for those tending to plot GARDENING
Is about to join The Union working in caf? FIANCE
Clues Answers
Left out French wine from Marks - an indication to add in something else CARETS
Mark of deal from Decathlon? NOTCH
Organisation is being wound up perhaps and it's taking an age UNENDING
Part of the golf course proposal written on the back of a cigarette pack, for instance ROUGHPLAN
Recalls the foreign offer is close to obscene and not hard to take EDIBLE
Refuse to go into this with criminal in Berlin BINLINER
Some remarkable aversion to what holidaymakers are liable to take LEAVE
Sounds like Beany or Barney perhaps hasn't got a regular mate BACHELOR
Take steps around church heading for nave with sign of stress ACCENT
Terrible omen in dodgy finances for eventual opening of business SEEDMONEY
Tight secrecy around port plays into The Green's agenda perhaps RECYCLES
Turns up Old Bob is a supporter of golf and most top athletic events MEETS
Upsets English Fellow and most of the rest at university with online identity USERNAME
Volte-face as a result of lobotomy perhaps CHANGEOFMIND