Wall Street Journal - Nov 23 2020 - Squeeze In

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Clues Answers
“Das Kapital” author MARX
“Death of a Salesman” salesman LOMAN
“Pirates of the Caribbean” star DEPP
“The Andy Griffith Show” son OPIE
9 p.m. is a prime example TIMESLOT
Accessory for a person under house arrest ANKLEMONITOR
Alternative for 56-Across LIME
Apple Store purchase IPHONE
Apple Store purchase MAC
Apple variety originating in Japan FUJI
Autumn mo OCT
Berry used in smoothies ACAI
Big heads EGOS
Bill of fare MENU
Black or Baltic SEA
Book part PAGE
Books including Chad, Georgia and Jordan ATLASES
Brings up REARS
Broadway’s “Dear ___ Hansen” EVAN
Business school course, for short ECON
Canful for a canine ALPO
Casper product MATTRESS
Cat or canary, e.g PET
City haze SMOG
City north of Indianapolis KOKOMO
Combat WAR
Container for gherkins PICKLEJAR
Cookware item PAN
Düsseldorf denial NEIN
Franklin’s tool of choice in a 1752 experiment KITE
Franz who wrote “The Trial” KAFKA
Furious feeling ANGER
Garnish for a glass of water, or a literal feature of 17-, 29-, 35- and 42-Across LEMONWEDGE
Gender-neutral term for some bilingual people LATINX
GQ or O, for short MAG
Grammy-nominated singer with roles in “Moonlight” and “Hidden Figures” JANELLEMONAE
Hartsfield-Jackson’s airport code ATL
Incline SLANT
Clues Answers
Jackson 5 hairdos AFROS
Japanese city famed for its beef KOBE
La Brea substance TAR
Lady Gaga fan, familiarly LITTLEMONSTER
Ladybug feature SPOT
Latvia’s capital RIGA
Level EVEN
Magnetic metal IRON
Many a TikTok user TEEN
Mover’s truck VAN
Newspapers, television, radio, etc MEDIA
Nincompoop ASS
Nincompoops FOOLS
Not masc. or neut FEM
Org. in “Argo” CIA
Pained response OUCH
Period of history ERA
Phi Beta ___ KAPPA
Physical harm DAMAGE
Places of refuge LAIRS
Ryan of “When Harry Met Sally...” MEG
Safari sightings ANIMALS
Sass LIP
Sch. founded by Jefferson UVA
Scottish girl LASS
Slip, granny or Windsor KNOT
Sound on a goat farm MAA
Start of a math exam PROBLEMONE
Talking-___ (reprimands) TOS
Thanksgiving dessert PIE
That lady SHE
UFO occupants ETS
Uncertain answer GUESS
Underway, as Sherlock’s game AFOOT
Vaulter’s need POLE
Word ignored in alphabetizing THE
Write quickly JOT
Zodiac ram ARIES