- Nov 22 2020

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Clues Answers
''Be __ as it may . . .'' THAT
''Cool it!'' STOP
''Craft'' beverages ALES
''Dances with Wolves'' shelter TEPEE
''Downton Abbey'' title EARL
''Dude!'' BRO
''Honor Thy Father'' author TALESE
''Not guilty,'' e.g PLEA
''Perhaps'' IMAY
''Raiders of the Lost Ark'' reptile ASP
''The light dawns!'' AHA
''Up'' guy's voice EDASNER
''Yay, me!'' TADA
''__ darn tootin'!'' YER
''__ where it hurts!'' HITEM
18-Grammy cellist YOYOMA
1850s American acquisition GADSDENPURCHASE
According to PER
After-tax NET
Arise (from) STEM
Ark groups PAIRS
Arm art, for short TAT
Barton of the Red Cross CLARA
Bearded beast of the zodiac GOAT
Big name in kitchen wrap ALCOA
Bit of a nest TWIG
Book jacket part FLAP
Boston NBAer CELT
Bottom-line figure TOTAL
Buffalo's water ERIE
Call for help SOS
Celebrity roster ALIST
Choral voice ALTO
City near Orlando OCALA
Clip wool from SHEAR
Comics canine OTTO
Constellation component STAR
Copes with change ADAPTS
Cried on cue, say ACTED
Crumple, as paper WADUP
Cul-de-__ SAC
Danger PERIL
Debacle FIASCO
Decide to take part OPTIN
Did a few laps SWAM
Do a fall chore RAKE
Drought ender RAIN
Dryer capacity LOAD
Dutch cheese EDAM
Edible kernel NUTMEAT
Eggs on sushi ROE
Electrical surge SPIKE
Exam result TESTGRADE
Exude, as charm EMIT
Family nickname PAPA
Far from plentiful SPARSE
Fizzles (out) DIES
Flared skirt style ALINE
Foolish ones DOLTS
Frame of mind MOOD
Get the gist of GRASP
Grace verb BLESS
Handbook GUIDE
Handle the oars ROW
Headquarters BASE
Home's hot spot STOVE
Improved in a barrel AGED
In high spirits GAY
In unison ASONE
IRS number TAXID
It means ''recent'' NEO
Clues Answers
Josiah who was Josiah Wedgwood's rival SPODE
Kicked back RESTED
Kindled anew RELIT
Liquid course SOUP
Literary category GENRE
Lock on a diary HASP
Lofty nest AERIE
Makes a short putt TAPSIN
Medical knife LANCET
Military coats TUNICS
Musical set in Buenos Aires EVITA
Not as up-to-date OLDER
Novelist Calvino ITALO
Novelist Seton ANYA
Novelist Tan AMY
Of Swiss peaks ALPEN
Of Vikings NORSE
On __ (without a contract) SPEC
Opinion piece ESSAY
Org. encouraging flossing ADA
Oven cleaner brand EASYOFF
Pediatrics, for instance MEDICALSPECIALTY
Picnic beverage COLA
Piece of corn EAR
Place for aromatherapy SPA
Pond ducks TEALS
Prefix for virus ANTI
Prop for a course TEE
Put a new front on REFACE
Put away for later STORE
Reebok rival ADIDAS
Rescuer found ''across'' the five longest answers ASPCA
Research ctrs INSTS
Restless feeling ANGST
Ride with a meter TAXI
River to the Rhône SAONE
Roadie's burden AMPS
Roman robe TOGA
Salad, for some MEAL
Salsa singer Cruz CELIA
Seed coat POD
Shocked reaction GASP
Shrubby wasteland HEATH
Sign of healing SCAB
Singer Celine DION
Social insect ANT
Soup server LADLE
Sparkling wine ASTI
Sports data, e.g STATS
Spot for mascara LASH
Sternward AFT
Sunflower cousin ASTER
Support for a tire swing ROPE
Syrup source SAP
Thanksgiving side dish YAMS
The ''O'' in ''O'' magazine OPRAH
Tinker Bell, for example SPRITE
Tinted DYED
Titanic's owner, for example STEAMSHIPCOMPANY
Tongue-in-cheek SATIRIC
Took off SPLIT
Trig or calc MATH
Trivial gripe NIT
Trudge (through) SLOG
U-turn from NNW SSE
UFO aviators ETS
Underlying cause ROOT
Was benched SAT
Watch closely (over) RIDEHERD
When repeated, a Hawaiian fish MAHI
Whittle (down) PARE
Willing to go along AGREEABLE