New York Times - Nov 22 2020

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Clues Answers
'And now good-___ to our waking souls': John Donne MORROW
'C'est la vie' ALAS
'Fee, fi, fo, ___' FUM
'Garden' or 'Center,' often ARENA
'Holy ___!' TOLEDO
'Seems that way' IDBET
'That so?' ISIT
'The Dark Knight ___,' 2012 superhero movie RISES
'We are the 99%' movement, familiarly OCCUPY
'Wow, that's beautiful!' OOHLALA
), when it follows :- SMILE
+ or - SIGN
100 satang, in Thailand BAHT
1943 Pulitzer-winning Thornton Wilder play, with 'The' SKINOTWOTEETH
1960s sitcom set at Fort Courage FTROOP
Actress Jessica ALBA
Archer's pride AIM
Au naturel INTHERAW
Best-selling self-help book subtitled 'Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right' THERULES
Big bat SWAT
Bill's time-traveling partner in film TED
Bring back on board REHIRE
Bumbling sort OAF
Bygone office group SONEOPOOL
Camp sight COT
Car stereo choices PRESETS
Catchy 1950s slogan ILIKEIKE
Chant for the Dream Team USAUSA
Chooses OPTS
Con ___ (with animation, musically) MOTO
Conclusion END
Condo, e.g UNIT
Council of ___ (Counter-Reformation body) TRENT
Country singer K. T. ___ OSLIN
Creative inspiration MUSE
Crew's control? OARS
Crowning ATOP
D.C. player NAT
Designer Posen ZAC
Desire WANT
Digital IDs SSNS
Doctor's reassurance before a shot IONENTHURT
Don's partner in the underworld CAPO
Dove's sound COO
Eldest of Chekhov's 'Three Sisters' OLGA
Emotive brass sound WAHWAH
Final remark in an argument THELASONERD
Fleet of foot AGILE
Flock members EWES
Floor cleaner, for short VAC
From the start ANEW
Garments for acrobats UNITARDS
Gave birth HADAKID
Golfer Ernie ELS
Greasy goo GUNK
Had a heaping helping of humility ATECROW
HBO show co-starring Issa Rae INSECURE
Holy ___ SEE
Home of a mythological lion NEMEA
Hot spot OVEN
Hot spots HEARTHS
House involved in the Wars of the Roses YORK
In the distance AFAR
Intervene STEPIN
It has issues with celebrities PEOPLE
It takes a bow ARROW
Journalists might be invited to it PRESSEVENT
Knock on, as a window RAPAT
Clues Answers
Language of Pakistan URDU
Legendary sea monster KRAKEN
Less well done RARER
Let go of CEDE
Like the luck of the draw RANDOM
Like the noble gases INERT
List of courses MENU
Little louse NIT
Long-running show whose iconic hourglass is in the Smithsonian collection DAYSOTWOLIVES
Made the rounds? NINEDEDBAR
Makes cloudy BLEARS
Marketer's target BUYER
Melting point? ICICLE
Military support grp USO
Misarticulate, in a way LISP
Miso soup mushroom ENOKI
Monk's hood COWL
More to the point TERSER
Moved briskly TROTTED
Native of the Beehive State UTE
Neither gains nor loses BREAKZERO
Night call HOOT
No Doubt vocalist Gwen STEFANI
Not custom-tailored PREMADE
On the safe side ALEE
Oodles ATON
Orange or plum COLOR
Ostensible REPUTED
Pain in the neck PEST
Pain reliever containing aspirin and caffeine ANACIN
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Partner of rice BEANS
Pieces of gangs GATS
Prospector's find LODE
Purposes USES
Qualifies to fight in a certain class MAKESWFOUR
Ranker of the rich FORBES
Rotating engine part CAM
Runway professional MODEL
Scenic vista OVERLOOK
Scratch (out) EKE
See 17-Down LOGAN
Send another way REROUTE
Send to the cloud, say UPLOAD
Serious SOLEMN
Set in a man cave HDTV
Sharp KEEN
Sheltered balcony with abundant natural light SUNTRAP
Sighing sounds AAHS
Singles, e.g HITS
Smelter's inputs ORES
Something that's helpful in a dash? GPS
Spiritual retreat ASHRAM
Spot from which a dove once notably flew MTARARAT
Steams up RILES
Tech news website CNET
The deadly sins, e.g SEPTET
Thereabouts ORSO
They outrank viscounts EARLS
Town near Buffalo that sounds like paradise EDEN
Union Pacific vehicle FRFOURTRAIN
Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy NOONAN
Wanders around the head of a line, briefly? TSA
Wished BADE
With 80-Across, longtime CBS News correspondent LARA
Words said with a post-match handshake GOODGAME
Working away ATIT
Zoning, so to speak OUTOFIT
___ alla bolognese (meat-based pasta sauce) RAGU
___-X (cut) CTRL