Family Time - Nov 9 2020

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Clues Answers
"___ time to replace that bulb" ITS
'You are here' arrow, e.g LOCATOR
11, in blackjack ACE
A car fluid OIL
Any ballclub TEAM
Be concerned CARE
Biblical garden EDEN
Car option that slides SUNROOF
Change completely from the start REDO
Corn's connection? COB
Cul-de-___ (place with a dead end) SAC
Elements of a strategy TACTICS
Escapes, as from jail FLEES
Eye opener? LID
Final word, after "The" END
Fiona's species OGRE
Flightless bird from Australia EMU
Footwear for indoor sports (2 words) GYMSHOE
Fruit with a tart taste LEMON
Gardener's tool that chops weeds HOE
Gatherings that bring groups together again REASSEMBLIES
Give over, as land CEDE
Guy's opposite GAL
Has the nerve DARES
Important no. to new car buyers MPG
Length x width AREA
Like a good judge FAIR
Like a stadium with no dome? AIRY
Long, adventurous tale SAGA
Low-voiced singer BASS
Clues Answers
Lower in fat, on labels LITE
Luxurious material SATIN
Mexican snack food TACO
Music staff note after "fa" SOL
Needs to get better? AILS
Not he, the other one SHE
One of the Seven Dwarfs DOC
Opponent FOE
Part of a list ITEM
People who need no motivation (2 words) SELFSTARTERS
Pizza ___ HUT
Playhouse or fort site TREE
Points in the wrong direction ERRS
Prefix meaning "new" NEO
Prerecorded TAPED
Pretending to be another person IMPERSONATION
Protein-rich legume SOYBEAN
Rescue signal from the Atlantic SOS
Reveal verbally TELL
Skiing requirement SNOW
Small, delicate drink SIP
Smallest of the merganser ducks SMEW
Song for one, at an opera ARIA
Stately male deer STAG
Sticky roof sealant TAR
Time period of 1 billion years EON
Types of breaks, in Mexico SIESTAS
Used a spade DUG
Word in a footnote IDEM
___ Day (June 14th) FLAG
___ it on thick LAY