Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 26 2020

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Clues Answers
"Arrivederci —" ROMA
"Funny!" HAHA
"Vanity Fair" author THACKERAY
"Zounds!" EGAD
"— you serious?" ARE
Afghanistan's — Bora region TORA
Away from SSW NNE
Basil or thyme HERB
Blackbird ANI
Brick carrier HOD
Bro's sib SIS
Collection SET
Con job SCAM
Confuses ADDLES
Dark, metallic color IRONGRAY
Deli loaves RYES
Detail ITEM
Eye part IRIS
Firm belief DOGMA
French vineyard CRU
Gimlet garnish LIME
Grecian vessels URNS
Gumbo veggie OKRA
Hamilton-Burr event DUEL
Historic time ERA
I love (Lat.) AMO
Japanese noodle UDON
Jeopardize RISK
Kiev's land (Abbr.) UKR
Lamb's dam EWE
Lanka lead-in SRI
Clues Answers
Lass GAL
Lightweight shirt fabric CHAMBRAY
Links org PGA
Long story SAGA
Macho type HEMAN
Neighbor of Tibet NEPAL
Noble Italian family ESTE
Nonclerical LAY
Opposite of "fer" AGIN
Outback bird EMU
PC program APP
Priority Mail org USPS
Rep.'s rival DEM
Ricki Lake film of 1988 HAIRSPRAY
Sandwich meat HAM
Scratch the surface MAR
Singer LaBelle PATTI
Songwriter Irving BERLIN
Standard PAR
Stir-fry pan WOK
Stolen HOT
Strike callers UMPS
Sunrise direction EAST
Swim stroke CRAWL
Tagged player IT
Tara of "Sharknado" REID
The Mets' old home SHEA
Trudge PLOD
Writer James AGEE
You and I WE
Youngster TYKE