Irish Times (Crosaire) - Oct 23 2020

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Clues Answers
A foreign member of staff isn't finished with department that isn't working UNEMPLOYED
A medium in Middle Eastern country has head in the clouds perhaps AIRMAN
Big swallow around Cork GULP
Bottle in Christmas pudding produced by Irish Home Guard? SPUD
Crafty type retires from Russian body - losing a leader comes as a shock TRAUMA
Douglas leaves shoulder bag for Rosemary HERB
Expertise in a ward? GIFT
Fighting tradition one associates with doctors GENERALPRACTICE
Gave out to the children opening doors ISSUED
Get in line for half-time stuck in flighty gantries STRAIGHTEN
Get rid of some deciduous trees OUST
Helpmate abandons the syrupy type MAPLE
It's hard for a layman to understand Jack can be gas JARGON
Judge from Rosses Point area going all the way back ASSESSOR
Clues Answers
Mate's system works for those who don't enjoy wandering MONOGAMY
Muslim military leader briefly in Dacca working with scholar ACADEMIC
No going back to bar where the surfers hang out ONLINE
Olive and Laurel take data from Great Danes GREENS
Park in old city has a need for a rowing boat? Having debts, that's priceless! UPROARIOUS
Pursue a career at the end of 15 across PRACTICE
Shift is similar to 23 down DISPLACE
Superior clip posted around Ireland SENIOR
Switch at Terminus or don't get on at all OFFEND
The Band, one of those in The Police and One Direction - they generally don't mind their own business BODYGUARDS
The odyssey, for example, of direction for short film on Limerick EPICPOEM
They're responsible for the mess at the start of 15 across and at the end of the process GENERALS
Turnover, initially made in type of bakery, is frozen NUMB
Turns up, support starts with old boy's mother from college in Asia CAMBODIA