Universal - Oct 22 2020

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Clues Answers
"Excuse me for going off topic" IDIGRESS
"Less than that" NOTEVEN
"Open sesame" speaker ALIBABA
"Spider-Man" director SAMRAIMI
"The Simpsons" girl LISA
"There's no truth to that!" ITSALIE
"___ and no" YES
"___ and the Pussycats" JOSIE
Actor Hemsworth LIAM
Acts of choice VOLITIONS
Agcy. with a "Where's My Refund?" web tool IRS
Alcohol in a Bahama Mama RUM
Become part of a sing-along JOININ
Black key above G AFLAT
Blog revenue sources ADS
Blood type letters ABO
Capital of Idaho BOISE
Capitol Hill aide PAGE
Cashew or filbert NUT
Chore list heading TODO
Cook in a pan, maybe FRY
Coped with change ADAPTED
Dallas NBA player, for short MAV
Ebony's partner IVORY
Enjoy leisurely LINGEROVER
Eve's firstborn CAIN
Exist to experience LIVEFOR
Existential query, and a hint to the dish "chopped" around 16-, 20-, 38- and 54-Across WHATAMI
Furniture piece that may double as storage OTTOMAN
Gently shift to a new topic SEGUE
Get away fast FLEE
Handmade craft site ETSY
Holy Fr. women STES
Hosp. hookups IVS
Jack traded for them in a fairy tale BEANS
Kind of painting OIL
Lead-in to "mo" SLO
Lines going out in all directions RADII
Clues Answers
Many a Monopoly rd AVE
Mars mission org NASA
Measure for petrol LITRE
Milk a scene EMOTE
Mine transports TRAMS
MLB stat RBI
Mobile app? UBER
Name that rhymes with "Lauren" ORRIN
Nintendo console WII
Number before "Liftoff!" ONE
Online management program? LISTSERVER
Org. for athletes who putt PGA
Paul of guitar fame LES
Point a finger at BLAME
Poker declaration ICALL
Polite address SIR
Pop in a bottle SODA
Print often made using a stone, briefly LITHO
Route WAY
Run on TV AIR
Running back's units: Abbr YDS
Scratch up, say MAR
See 48-Across AMI
Silver of FiveThirtyEight NATE
Some walk on hot ones COALS
Song of worship PSALM
Sweaty meditation practice HOTYOGA
Symbol of solidarity FIST
Transported by plane FLOWN
Unfreeze THAW
Venusians or Martians ALIENS
Visit, as a diner EATAT
What you sign to acknowledge risk LIABILITYWAIVER
Wing measurements SPANS
With 28-Down, popular cleanser BON
Word after "ice" or "shower" CAP
___ Fields cookies MRS