New York Times - Oct 18 2020

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Clues Answers
'Don't get ___!' CUTE
'Finally!' ABOUTTIME
'I watched that episode already' SEENIT
'It's possible' IMAY
'Revenge ___ dish ...' ISA
'S.N.L.' cast member Gardner HEIDI
'That's ___!' (director's cry) AWRAP
'When They See Us' director DuVernay AVA
'Yeesh!' OOF
'You're making me blush!' OHSTOP
'You've Got Mail' director Ephron NORA
'___ is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it': Einstein SCIENCE
'___ ready for this?' (opening of a pump-up jam by 2 Unlimited) YALL
'___ you seeing this?' ARE
8-Down pilots, in brief ETS
Alternative to de Gaulle ORLY
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's pet story? THELITTLEPRINTS
Author Ferrante ELENA
Barack, Michelle, Hillary and Bill took them, for short LSATS
Beat in a boxing match, in a way TKOD
Big e-commerce site ETSY
Bit of coffee BEAN
Brainstorms IDEATES
Break GAP
Breakfast order MUFFIN
Brit's term of affection OLDCHAP
Bullet alternatives: Abbr NOS
By way of VIA
Call to reserve? LET
Can't keep one's mouth shut? YAWNS
Catches a glimpse of ESPIES
Certain red wine SHIRAZ
Channel that aired 'Daria' and 'The Hills' MTV
Children's poet Silverstein SHEL
Classical singing venue ODEON
Command for a right turn, in mushing GEE
Como ningún ___ (unique, in Spanish) OTRO
Corral HEMIN
Critical time DDAY
Debussy's '___ d'Étoiles' NUIT
Dinosaur in the Mario games YOSHI
Director's cry ANDSCENE
Dreyer's ice cream partner EDY
Exploding star NOVA
F. Scott Fitzgerald's chivalric tale? TENDERISTHEKNIGHT
Fair forecast SUNNY
Fan mail recipient IDOL
Follower of 'Je m'appelle' NOM
Forest grazer DOE
Full of spice ZESTY
Giggle TEHEE
Gives one's seal of approval OKS
Go back to square one STARTANEW
God, in Guadalajara DIOS
Goes undercover? SLEEPS
Green and others ALS
Guarantees SWEARSTO
Had a friendly relationship (with) GOTON
Halloween vis-à-vis November 1 EVE
Have heart eyes for ADORE
Heated accusation LIAR
Helpful connections INS
Is employed HASAJOB
Just like that INASNAP
Knock-down-drag-out fights SLUGFESTS
Lead role on 'Parks and Recreation' LESLIE
Letters on the '3' button DEF
Clues Answers
Little bow-wow ARF
Lived (with) ROOMED
Long period AGE
Long periods EONS
Lover of Orion, in myth EOS
Marcel Proust's kitchen mystery? INSEARCHOFLOSTTHYME
Martial arts master SENSEI
Member of Britain's upper house LORD
Messes (with) MONKEYS
Movie with the line 'I feel the need ... the need for speed' TOPGUN
Nasty, in a way SNIDE
Neutral paint color FLAX
Neutral paint color ECRU
Nonresident doctor EXTERN
One of six parked on the moon ROVER
Part of an Italian veal dish name OSSO
Pittsburgh-to-Buffalo dir NNE
Place for a shvitz SPA
Pledge drive gift TOTE
Precious, to a Brit TWEE
Prepare to go next TEEUP
Queen who made Carthage prosper DIDO
Resolve, with 'out' SORT
Ruffle FRILL
Scan that excites hydrogen atoms, for short MRI
Semibiographical source for 'Citizen Kane' HEARST
Sets (against) PITS
Share a workspace, in modern lingo HOTDESK
Shoe with holes CROC
Shunned, with 'out' ICED
Sierra Nevadas, e.g ALES
Small trunks SPEEDOS
Societal problem ILL
Some concert tour merchandise TSHIRTS
Something offered in tribute TOAST
Sound effect during a bomb defusing, perhaps TICK
Sound like a broken record SKIP
Subject of Rick Steves's travel guides EUROPE
Sushi condiment WASABI
Take pride in something OWNIT
The Amazons were the daughter of this god, in myth ARES
The final installment of 'The Godfather' III
Titular film character opposite Harold MAUDE
Tone-___ DEAF
Top dogs ALPHAS
Traitor in the Revolutionary War ARNOLD
Trouble ADO
Voltaire's sweet novel? CANDIED
Warehouse employee PACKER
What a figure skate has that a hockey skate lacks TOEPICK
What a weather balloon might be mistaken for UFO
What can take a punch? LADLE
What Mrs. Potts and Chip serve in 'Beauty and the Beast' TEA
Where Zeno taught ELEA
William Shakespeare's historical romance? JULIUSSEESHER
Woman's name that's a piece of furniture backward DEB
Word that can precede or follow 'run' DRY
Wray of 'King Kong' FAY
Writer Stein GERTRUDE
Yann Martel's baking memoir? LIFEOFPIE
Zaps, as leftovers NUKES
___ & Chandon (Champagne) MOET
___ beam ION
___ Harbor, first official port of entry to the United States SAG
___ Martin DB5 ('Bondmobile') ASTON