The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,250 - Sep 28 2020

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Clues Answers
Brief extract from impressive unfinished book EPITOME
Carry clubs in small container CADDY
Champion footballer visiting a hospital MESSIAH
Condition endlessly applied to limits of the law STATUTE
Country where bell sounds rise before long LEBANON
Cricketer initially happy about the headgear BOWLERHAT
Dump serving as nest for tiny bird ascending PEEWIT
Eccentric person eating only skimmed milk-based sauce CUSTARD
Find fault with round metal tool NITPICK
Food fit for leave-taking? FAREWELL
Infant born before sailor gets by in the end BABY
Insurgent put base of bomb in rock REBEL
Master's translated letter for hands-on worker SEAMSTRESS
Motif retraced around part of stringed instrument FRET
Newcomer's music upset audience finally leaving concert hall, say PARVENU
Clues Answers
Old Ottoman guide, a bore, going to a sultanate in Arabia DRAGOMAN
Overweight women given a death sentence FATWA
Pain relief for north American with broken leg detained in the Far East ANALGESIA
Points in short typeface set up ready for use INSTAL
Popular copper to transport unwelcome nocturnal visitor INCUBUS
Puncture found after rope breaks PERFORATE
Shingle broken up for old printing type ENGLISH
Sly dog dangled bananas for insect DADDYLONGLEGS
Soldier carrying artist's sign GEMINI
Soup recipe secured by painter BORSCH
Source of thread in suit woven for someone from central Africa? TUTSI
Spooner's other half meeting old king in confined space CUBBYHOLE
Touching stove isn't funny! AGAINST
TT (travelling by truck?) ONTHEWAGON