Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 16 2020

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Clues Answers
Amounts incurred in the performance of work EXPENSES
Basic structural units of all organisms CELLS
Bite, chew and swallow EAT
Brittle, crunchy CRISP
Compulsive, fixated OBSESSIVE
Cut back, cropped PRUNED
Distilled alcoholic drink SPIRIT
Draw near APPROACH
Electromagnetic waves, for medical diagnosis, say XRAYS
First note in tonic sol-fa DOH
Formerly, one hundredth of a yen SEN
French sweet BONBON
Goes out EXITS
Good ones make good neighbours, it's said FENCES
Groups related by blood or marriage FAMILIES
Having a sharp, acid taste BITTER
Imperial weight OUNCE
Intends MEANS
Clues Answers
Item of make-up LIPSTICK
Lasting a very short time EPHEMERAL
Magnificent, very impressive SPLENDID
Member of an academic faculty PROFESSOR
Mexican tortilla with chilli ENCHILADA
Musical instruments PIANOS
Nurse, nun and relative SISTER
Of different kinds VARIED
Offspring or edition ISSUE
Old-style cooking stove RANGE
Passages for water or communication CHANNELS
Receive willingly ACCEPT
Scatters liquid SPLASHES
Slightly squiffy TIDDLY
Small building for worship CHAPEL
Utilise USE
Wearing a face covering MASKED