The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8384

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Clues Answers
Audible air intake SNIFF
Australian dog DINGO
Cleaning agent SOAP
Domestic assistant home help
Excitement; stimulate THRILL
Frame for climbers TRELLIS
General vote REFERENDUM
Greek mathematician PYTHAGORAS
Line of mountains RANGE
List of dishes MENU
Note of goods to buy shopping list
Opinion researcher POLLSTER
Clues Answers
Purified; cultured REFINED
Roadside safety fence crash barrier
Romantic intrigue AFFAIR
Settled, decided RESOLVED
Small ingenious devices GADGETRY
Spoken; of the mouth ORAL
Stupid person IDIOT
Subatomic particle PROTON
Subatomic particle BARYON
Subatomic particle HADRON
Subatomic particle LEPTON
Tug sharply YANK