New York Times - Sep 2 2020

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Clues Answers
'Do I ___!' EVER
'I can't ___' EVEN
'Quiet!' HUSH
'Roger that' COPY
'Safe!' or 'You're out!' CALL
'The ___ the limit' SKYS
'___ the season ...' TIS
*Alpine crossing over the Austrian/Italian border BRENNERPASS
*Sales spiel in 60 seconds or less, say ELEVATORPITCH
*Some hamburger meat GROUNDCHUCK
*Something reminisced about in the movie 'Grease' SUMMERFLING
10 benjamins THOU
Absent-minded SPACEY
Action figure? DOER
Animated sitcom family name SIMPSON
Annual June celebration PRIDE
Bank backer, for short FDIC
Bit of drag show wear BOA
Brazil's Amazonas, e.g RIO
Chamomile tea and yogurt, for sunburn REMEDIES
Charm, in a way SEDUCE
Chomper TOOTH
Christian who said 'Happiness is the secret to all beauty' DIOR
Convenience store convenience, in brief ATM
Difficult skating jump with a backward takeoff LUTZ
Docs who don't specialize GPS
Egg: Prefix OVI
Egyptian sun god AMENRA
Elton John, e.g SIR
Entrepreneur Musk ELON
Flat broke PENNILESS
Font flourish SERIF
Former frosh SOPHS
Fructose and glucose SUGARS
German grandparent, affectionately OPA
Globes ORBS
Home of 60% of the world's people ASIA
Humanities degs BAS
Clues Answers
It might have an apple on it LAPTOP
Kind of management ANGER
Kitchen gadget for making mashed potatoes RICER
Like ALA
Losing Brexit option REMAIN
Made a getaway RAN
Many wedding guests KIN
Michelle of 'Star Trek: Discovery' YEOH
Middle-distance golf club FIVEIRON
Netflix show starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney OZARK
Not retired ACTIVE
Nowadays many of them are targeted ADS
Open-___ sandals TOED
Org. that has to deal with a lot of baggage TSA
Part of a McDonald's meal SODA
PC core CPU
Place that may have lots of monitors, for short ICU
Popular expression ... or what the opposite of the answer to each starred clue is? CATCHPHRASE
See 47-Down DISHRAG
Shade of brown MOCHA
Some pepperoni orders, informally ZAS
Some wiring experts: Abbr EES
Sometimes-unconscious leanings BIASES
Sort who's hard to tolerate PILL
Space force, informally ZEROG
Stale OLD
Start of four U.S. state names NEW
Submarine HOAGIE
Suffragist and longtime leader in the National Woman's Party ALICEPAUL
Turkish title AGA
Units of laughter? HAS
Winner of the most Women's World Cups USA
With 45-Down, epitome of limpness WET
Word with pyramid or court FOOD
___ Awards (annual prizes for science fiction and fantasy) NEBULA
___ manual USERS
___ Ribeiro, host of 'America's Funniest Home Videos' ALFONSO
___ school GRAD