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Clues Answers
"As a matter of fact, I do!" WHYYES
"Dies —" (hymn) IRAE
"Eso Beso" singer Paul ANKA
"Hey, over here ..." PSST
"How rude!" EXCUSEYOU
"It's freezing!" BRR
"Not Afraid" rapper EMINEM
"Top o' the — to ya!" MORNIN
"Victory is yours" ILOSE
"— big boy now" IMA
'Zine MAG
1976-81 skit series SCTV
1988-91 war drama series [20th] CHINABEACH
Accrue AMASS
Actor Erwin STU
Actor Patel of "Lion" DEV
Actor Steven SEAGAL
Affirmation of self-ability ICAN
American robin's close relative [5th] WOODTHRUSH
andandandand ANDS
Angry MAD
Arid expanse in Mongolia GOBI
Attractive COMELY
Author Roald DAHL
Bail provider BONDSMAN
Be a kvetch CARP
Beholds SEES
Bluegrass fiddler Alison KRAUSS
Brother on "Frasier" NILES
Bus station DEPOT
Canon camera line EOS
Cold drink, informally ICETEA
College org. for sailors-to-be NROTC
Color shade HUE
Conductor MAESTRO
Corn serving EAR
Cough up PAY
Countryish RURAL
Crazy about INTO
Daughter of JFK CAROLINE
De-wrinkle IRON
Deli breads RYES
Determined to accomplish SETON
Disconcert ABASH
Dog coater FUR
Dorothy's magical shoes [40th] RUBYSLIPPERS
Driver's license, SSN, etc IDS
Earth's heater SUN
Eastern Michigan city SAGINAW
Eldest Musketeer ATHOS
Ending for propyl ENE
Figure on a kid's toy battleground [10th] TINSOLDIER
Filleted DEBONED
Filmmaker Hitchcock ALFRED
Find out LEARN
First scale syllables DOREMI
Get down to propose KNEEL
Get mature RIPEN
Giant fair EXPO
Glutinous VISCID
Golfer Snead SAM
Gorillas, e.g APES
Grazing area LEA
Gripping tool VISE
Half-million-selling album [50th] GOLDRECORD
Has a link (with) TIESIN
High mount ALP
Hollow-eyed HAGGARD
In a deadpan manner DRYLY
Infamous Idi AMIN
Juan's water AGUA
Clues Answers
Kite features TAILS
Laundry receptacle WASHTUB
Lid fastener HASP
Like biting writing SATIRIC
Literary leaf FOLIO
Living space ABODE
Longtime cookies OREOS
Longtime ISP option AOL
Low digit TOE
Low digit ONE
Mae West play [60th] DIAMONDLIL
Mineral spring SPA
More silly LOONIER
Move like a grasshopper LEAP
Near-grads: Abbr SRS
Neighbor of a Yemeni OMANI
Nepali, e.g ASIAN
No longer a minor OFAGE
Occasion associated with the starts of 10 answers in this puzzle ANNIVERSARY
Occasion for unrestricted amusement FIELDDAY
Online selling ETAIL
Opulent POSH
Part of 122-Down OLDS
Part of IPA ALE
Past AGO
PC key abbr ALT
PC key abbr ESC
Play starter ACTI
Player's top effort, informally AGAME
Possesses OWNS
Prairies, e.g PLAINS
Profit GAIN
Quick review RECAP
Rapping noise RATATAT
Rapscallion SCAMP
Revered sort IDOL
Revolutionary War mercenaries HESSIANS
Ring, as bells PEAL
Said words SPOKE
Salt Lake City NCAA team UTES
Sea, to Henri MER
Sectioned, as a window PANED
See 70-Down MAP
Semi fuel DIESEL
She sang "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" [15th] CRYSTALGAYLE
Singer Wynette TAMMY
Sink bowl BASIN
Slow a car down BRAKE
Small, pungent pickling vegetable [30th] PEARLONION
Smear on, as paint DAUB
Soothe EASE
Speed Wagon maker REO
Stand-up comedian Richard JENI
Stocks and shares [1st] PAPERASSETS
Super serves ACES
Swabby's tool MOP
Taxi driver CABMAN
Tearful SAD
Tolkien terror ORC
Toy for a boy, traditionally GIJOE
Tree of eastern North America [25th] SILVERMAPLE
U.S. Navy off ENS
Very small minority RAREFEW
Wed. follows it TUE
Whole lot TON
With 69-Down, tourist's printed guide AREA
Work honcho BOSS
Yellow-disked flower DAISY