The Washington Post Sunday - Aug 16 2020

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Clues Answers
'A Letter to ___' (film about a director, co-directed by 75 Down) ELIA
'And away we go-o-o-o!' WHEE
'Deep Impact' streaker COMET
'I was not ladylike, nor was I ___ ... There were so many different ways to be a beauty': Jonathan, in 'A Home at the End of the World' MANLY
'It's not a prob' NOBIG
'Metropolitan Life' author Lebowitz FRAN
'Over this way' IMHERE
'Sure!' YESIDO
'The Baby-Sitters Club' author ___ M. Martin ANN
'The Irishman' director SCORSESE
'You Be ___' (1986 hit for Run-D.M.C.) ILLIN
Actress Andersson with a repetitive first name BIBI
Amount after deductions NETEARNINGS
Atlanta institution founded in the 1880s GEORGIATECH
Backless furniture piece OTTOMAN
Beast that may raid a chicken coop WEASEL
Bible study subject SIN
Blood donation amount ONEPINT
Bow or wave, e.g GREETING
Calls, so to speak HASDIBSON
Chalkboard menu locale, perhaps BISTRO
Chest site TORSO
Clap following a flash THUNDER
Clip art? COLLAGE
Closes out a tab PAYS
Club follower? MED
Collegiate home of the Monarchs OLDDOMINION
Con artist's target SAP
Court legend Thomas ISIAH
Creature in a drove HARE
Delayed deliberately STALLED
Designer of the Tulip fashion line, 1953 DIOR
Dog who solved a sudoku puzzle in a 2010 comic strip ODIE
E.C. who drew Olive Oyl SEGAR
Enemies like Dracula and the Grim Reaper in the video game 'Castlevania,' e.g BOSSES
Escorts to the exit SEESOUT
Force wielder of film REY
From a certain viewpoint INONERESPECT
In a sudden way SHARPLY
Indian drink traditionally served in a kulhar LASSI
Inflammation treatment STEROID
Intelligence seeker SPY
iPod precursors CDPLAYERS
It may be taken in by a tailor PANTLEG
Kraft buyer's fare, maybe GRILLEDCHEESESANDWICH
Kyoto Climate Change Conference speaker, 1997 ALGORE
Lawn care brand TORO
Lawn care brand DEERE
Leaky pen problem INKSTAIN
Like an arachnid's web SPIDERY
Like baking soda and vinegar VERSATILE
Like eyes that are more than one eye length apart WIDESET
Like Jessica Rabbit's hair RED
Like stale jokes DONETODEATH
Like visible kings and queens FACEUP
Links to an article, say SHARES
Logic puzzle publisher MENSA
Long body part for many a jerboa EAR
Long rides, for short SEMIS
Made a smooth move SLID
Maker of Symphonix hearing aids RCA
Making a thicker blanket? SNOWIER
Martinez profiled in a 2006 episode of 'Yankeeography' TINO
Clues Answers
Mary Wollstonecraft, to Mary Shelley MOTHER
Metaphors for unlimited financial resources BLANKCHECKS
Metered transport CAB
Mil. personnel GIS
Mollified ALLAYED
Move like a magpie SOAR
Move performed in the film 'Skate Kitchen' OLLIE
Mystery writer Joan HESS
Negating word NOR
Netflix co-founder ___ Randolph MARC
Never-never link SAY
NFL mascot Swoop, e.g EAGLE
Norse underworld deity HEL
Not in use IDLE
Onion rings, e.g FRIEDFOOD
Out of whack ASKEW
Part of a Venetian blind SLAT
Patisserie selection TART
Peak known locally as Mongibello ETNA
People person? STAR
Personal space with a gendered name SHESHED
Picture preview TRAILER
Pieces by Sharon Olds ODES
Polishes off EATS
Potassium-rich fruit AVOCADO
Power-ful networks? GRIDS
Price offered for one's Soul, say? TRADEINVALUE
Provided lines to CUED
Radiate, as rays EMIT
Reacts to being slighted BRISTLES
Refueling tanker OILER
Registers ENROLLS
Reproduced artistically RENDERED
Response from a pet, for some? ALLERGY
Romp in the fields, say FROLIC
SAT : college :: ___ : PhD program GRE
Sci-fi film concept artist Mead SYD
Sea seen from the Temple of Poseidon AEGEAN
Sets of eight OCTADS
Shake stuff, at times CHOCOLATEICECREAM
Shakshuka ingredients EGGS
Shout (out) CRY
Showing a video on the website YouNow, say LIVESTREAMING
Small margin of victory INCH
Solution used for dipping pretzels before baking them LYE
Something held for a portrait painter POSE
Something you inherit GENE
Speak sans modulation INTONE
Symbol of resistance in Colonial America LIBERTYPOLE
Tashi Lhunpo Monastery's region TIBET
The United States, in Durango ELNORTE
They explain how superheroes got their superpowers ORIGINSTORIES
Throw forcefully toward FLINGAT
Tijuca Forest city RIO
Tony-nominated actor Long of 'Don't Play Us Cheap' AVON
Violinist's vibration TREMOLO
Viticultural mecca NAPA
What gives chefs a raise? YEAST
Where rockers rock STAGES
Whitesnake guitarist ___ Beach REB
___ doctrine (belief that the pope has preeminent authority and is the successor of the saint associated with the pearly gates) PETRINE
___ Jackson (title 1997 film character who collects 'gold') ULEE