The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,481 - Jul 31 2020

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Clues Answers
& 1 Across Euphoria at opening Mr Kipling product, tucking into very good cakes and turnovers? ESKIMO
& 19 Down What will excite roadshow fan -- I'm no promise-breaker (1,3,2,3,4) AMANOF
& 22 Down Flirt with Bill's partner -- not me, sad to admit COME
'To the West, no thanks' -- independent Chinese 14 YANTAI
Audible relief on return, clearly preferred to one writer HGWELLS
Case of correspondence between London and Washington? CAPITALLETTERS
Consumption: a single steak TBONE
Doubly striking ensemble OUTFIT
Has other ideas involving dessert wines new ewer decanted DISSENTS
Having more excellence uncovered three times in the academic year? NEATER
Heavyweight mixing it a bit with 12 urbanite TOWNEE
Irony etc, overturning outside a harbour SEAPORT
Is not half overwhelmed by upset we ought to overcome OUTWEIGH
Just a 12 fly trapped in tin SMIDGEN
Clues Answers
Liqueur drained with a cutting parting shot Galliano
Not much left and right to turn heads LITTLE
Position of Goya's anagram? ASANA
Pottery school in the Home Counties? SPODE
Previously underemployed in year, sly one viewed topless women NEARLYNEW
See 11 Across HISWORD
See 23 Across ROLLS
See 7 Down ONTO
Something that's tripped switches characteristic of laser shows? LIGHTFANTASTIC
Starter against working under one well versed ONIONSOUP
Surrounded by auxiliaries, spy chief's kept time AMIDST
The ever-expanding Carlsberg Corporation? BEERGUT
These glands are female, all the same? OVARIES
Twist-in-the-tail Masefield work describing love bird CARGOOSE