Irish Times (Simplex) - Aug 1 2020

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Clues Answers
A feeling of righteous anger OUTRAGE
Acquired knowledge LEARNT
Animal excreta as fertiliser MANURE
Belonging to them THEIRS
Bursts of bright lights and a trouser style FLARES
Businesses that serve other businesses AGENCIES
Care for, medically TREAT
Catch in a trap ENSNARE
Cause to become widely known CIRCULATE
First-born ELDEST
Floral ornamentations, common in Greek architecture PALMETTES
Group of people living in a particular area COMMUNITY
Handed over money PAID
Heedless, unthinking CARELESS
Maintains firmly INSISTS
Minced seasoned meat stuffed in tubes SAUSAGES
One keeps watch SENTRY
Clues Answers
Orient EAST
Particle of matter ATOM
Path of a river or a set of lessons COURSE
Put down or leave something DEPOSIT
Small rodent and cursor controller MOUSE
Something essential or indispensable NECESSITY
Standards of perfection IDEALS
Store of historical artefacts MUSEUM
Strong need for drink THIRST
Supernatural messengers ANGELS
Terminates ENDS
The veg is too apt, oddly POTATO
Thin, absorbent paper TISSUE
To the time that UNTIL
Tools for establishing flat surfaces LEVELS
Unobserved UNSEEN
Upright pillar COLUMN