L.A. Times Daily - Jul 19 2020

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Clues Answers
"Cosmicomics" author Calvino ITALO
"Die Lorelei" poet HEINE
"Groundhog Day" insurance salesman NED
"No damage" IMOK
"Nor to their idle __ doth sight appear": Milton ORBS
"Now, about ... " ASFOR
"So exciting--not" MEH
"The Flying Dutchman" soprano SENTA
"The Witches of Eastwick" co-star CHER
"Total Recall" director Wiseman LEN
"Tsk tsk" sayers REPROVERS
"Way to go, bro!" YOUDAMAN
"What's the point?!" ITSNOUSE
A little SOME
Actor Wallach ELI
Actress Graynor ARI
Ally of "The Breakfast Club" SHEEDY
Ancient Greek military power SPARTA
Andrews or Vandenberg: Abbr AFB
As an alternative INSTEAD
Author Morrison TONI
Balaam's mount ASS
Banjoist's aid STRAP
Based on deduction as opposed to experience APRIORI
Big rollers SEMIS
Blake of ragtime EUBIE
Blessing follower AMEN
Bondi Beach city SYDNEY
Bring up to speed BRIEF
Bring up, as a subject BROACH
Buffy player Sarah Michelle __ GELLAR
Cajun mainstay OKRA
Carne __: steak dish ASADA
Cathedral part NAVE
Choking up TEARY
Columbus' birthplace GENOA
Computer connection method ETHERNET
Creator of Horton the Elephant SEUSS
Critical times, military-style DDAYS
Development site WOMB
Digitally stored ONCD
Dispassionate ICY
Doctor Octopus, to Spidey FOE
Draped dress SARI
Editor's "Lose it" DELE
Ethiopia's Selassie HAILE
Fairy tale figures HAGS
Forensic evidence bits FIBERS
Former White House family OBAMAS
Frequent winner ACE
Gardener's buy SOD
Gentle attention-getters TAPS
Gentle gait TROT
Groups that get busy in Sept PTAS
Half of an alternative to 7-Down MAHI
Have a hankering (for) ACHE
Headed the cast of STARREDIN
Herbal brew REDTEA
Hit the dirt on a diamond SLIDE
Hold back REIN
Clues Answers
It helps a team pull together YOKE
Jewish community orgs YMHAS
Kagan on the bench ELENA
Kind of situation to avoid LOSELOSE
Klein of fashion ANNE
Large power NTH
Letters on a note IOU
Like a supermarket before a major storm, perhaps INCHAOS
Longtime Syrian ruling family name ASSAD
Many a Punjabi SIKH
More cuddly CUTER
Muchacho's uncle TIO
Musical fifths SOLS
Name-linking trio AKA
Nasty looks SNEERS
Norse pantheon AESIR
One in an ancient Jewish sect PHARISEE
Open galleries LOGGIAS
Palindromic magazine ELLE
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Passover mo., usually APR
Paying passengers FARES
Peak in Thessaly OSSA
Pet shelter visitor, maybe ADOPTER
Philanderer first seen in Cervantes LOTHARIO
Pitching stat WINS
Polite question opener MAYI
Puritan's conclusion? ICAL
Radiate EMIT
Rat on NAME
Red Guard leader MAO
Region bordering the River Avon ARDEN
Rehnquist's successor ROBERTS
Rootless sort ROVER
Rope fiber BAST
Rural spread FARM
Saint at a gate PETER
Sashimi staple AHITUNA
Schmooze (with) HOBNOB
Seamless flow SEGUE
Series-ending abbr ETC
Showman named Phineas PTBARNUM
Skin cream ingredients ALOES
Snatches NABS
Some finger-pointing ACCUSALS
Son and brother of George JEBBUSH
Source of praise in verse ODIST
Specifics, informally DEETS
Stack PILE
Stadium access RAMP
Sulu portrayer John CHO
T, on the NYSE ATT
Tennis' Novak Djokovic, for one SERB
The Binghamton Rumble Ponies, e.g AATEAM
Tony Gwynn's uniform number NINETEEN
Totaled, as a bill RANTO
Treated like it didn't exist, as gravity DEFIED
Understand SEE
Vaquero's home RANCHO
Vehicle in a queue CAB
Vena __ CAVA
Vibrant photo GLOSSY
Went by car RODE
Word in many California city names SAN
__ shaft MINE
__-no question YESOR
__-puf: old laundry product STA