The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27704

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Clues Answers
Ambitious person has trouble with father over time CAREERIST
An achievement to restrict luminescence over the moon DELIGHTED
Ancient blubber and bone one processed NIOBE
Brew infused with Australian fruit upset writer Emile Zola
Central idea in article by this compiler THEME
Century in midday match: result foregone conclusion? no contest
Company lacking trade at the outset in recession TROOP
Doctor reunited with slimmer — problem due to withdrawal delirium tremens
Finding position, drop airtight container into region at sea ORIENTING
Flag officer supports right one entering service abroad? TRICOLOUR
Home to fox, fish and one residing here? EARTHLING
In the beginning Adam reported temptation as moderate ABATE
Liberal attending religious place that's closer LATCH
Locks picked by those experiencing scarcity in Barnet? HAIRPIECE
Mariner at the end seen in worst French port BREST
Clues Answers
Modern home for Englishman in city NEWCASTLE
More severe misery to involve vergers in Reims WORSE
Only two revolutionaries brutally killed BUTCHERED
Schoolboy is son missed by Baltic citizen ETONIAN
Self-destructive character in tale rough-sounding Poles related RUMPELSTILTSKIN
Sentimental, recollected losing cat NOSTALGIC
Service in French is for an artist ERNST
Serving vessel first in cruel sea about to founder SAUCEBOAT
Set aside weapon carried in E-boat? EARMARK
Shining helmet worn by copper travelling west LUCID
Shoot dead leaders in rally at Lusaka LATERAL
That’s amazing soldier in Pembroke for example CORGI
Wanting best position in race run round ELITISM
Work in Greek island European parliament backed ILIAD
Workers organised to run in short jacket TUNIC